Playback Speakers

Cirrus Logic offers a comprehensive sound enhancement solution for small, portable wireless speakers to premium stereo entertainment systems. Cirrus Logic portable audio codecs and amplifiers reduce the complexity and space required for speaker systems.

Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features

HD Voice Support

HD Voice Support

Wideband and narrow-band support for voice processing.

FlexEQ Dynamic Equalization

FlexEQ Dynamic Equalization

Automatically adjust frequency response and gains to changing ambient conditions for an outstanding user experience.

Hi-Fi Playback

Hi-Fi Playback

Using multi-path headset amplifier technology, our smart codecs can deliver high quality audio for any application.

Audio Post Processing

Audio Post Processing

Cirrus Logic offers a wide range of post processing including in-house and from some of the biggest software brands in the world.

Compatible Products


Portable Codecs

  • CS42L51

    Low Power Stereo Codec with Headphone Amplifier

MEMS Microphones

For information on Cirrus Logic’s high performance MEMS microphones please contact your local Sales Office or Representative.

Smart Codecs

  • CS47L15

    SmartHIFI Smart Codec With Advanced Audio Features for Mid-Tier Smartphones

    SoundClear® compatible
  • WM8281

    Low Power Smart Codec with Active Noise Cancellation and Echo Cancellation

    SoundClear compatible
  • CS47L24

    Ultra Compact, Low Power Smart Codec with Dual Core DSP

    SoundClear compatible
  • CS47L90

    Low Power, Highly Integrated Audio Codec Featuring SmartHIFI for Mobile Playback

    SoundClear compatible

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