Cirrus Logic’s DSP smart amplifier technology enables maximum loudness, bass and enhanced voice call clarity while intelligently reducing speaker rattle without sacrificing audio quality. The audio systems in today’s thinner, lighter, flexible PC notebooks are delivering loud, high-quality, consistent sound and creating a more immersive audio experience (learn more). Simple capacitive touch trackpads are becoming dated as ForcePads with haptics drivers are creating a more natural user experience.

Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features

Boosted Amplifiers with Speaker Protection

Boosted amplifiers help fill the room with great sound while providing unparalleled speaker protection.

Haptic Drivers

Delivering real-time LRA control for keyless and HD haptics.

DSP Offload from SoC

DSP-enabled audio amplifiers and codecs free up processing power and simplify integration.

ASR Enhance

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) preprocessing for increased accuracy in noisy environments.

Instant Adapt NREC

Noise reduction and echo cancellation regardless of the surrounding environment.

HD Voice Support

Wideband and narrow-band support for voice processing.

Barge In Capabilities

Hands-free control even when your device is playing multi-channel audio.

Audio Post Processing

Cirrus Logic offers a wide range of post processing including in-house and from some of the biggest software brands in the world.

Compatible Products


Audio Amplifiers

  • CS35L41

    11 V Boosted Mono Class D Amplifier with DSP Speaker Protection and Audio Enhancement

  • CS35L45

    Class D Audio Amplifier + Class H Boosted 15 V Converter with Integrated DSP Enables Maximum Loudness, Higher Bass

Haptic Drivers

  • CS40L25/25B

    Boosted Haptic Drivers with Integrated DSP, Waveform Memory, Closed‑Loop Algorithms and LRA/VCM Protection

  • CS40L26/26B

    Smart Haptic Driver Enables HD Haptics on Mobile Devices for Enhanced Gaming, Videos and Music

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