114 dB, 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D/A Converter with DSD Support

The CS4392 is a 114 db stereo digital/analog converter (DAC) featuring digital interpolation, fifth-order Delta Sigma D/A conversion, digital de-emphasis, volume control, channel mixing, and analog filtering. The CS4392 accepts PCM (pulse code modulation) data at sample rates from 4 kHz to 192 kHz and Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio data, has selectable digital filters and consumes very little power. This IC is ideal for differential linearity, exhibits no distortion mechanisms due to resistor matching errors, no linearity drift over time and temperature, and a high tolerance to clock jitter.

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  • Direct Stream Digital® mode (SACD)
  • Selectable digital filters
  • Volume control with soft ramp
  • Pin compatible with the CS4391A

Parametric Specifications

Not Recommended for New Designs

Technical Documents

CS4392 Product Data Sheet

DS459PP3 : 1191 Kb

CS4392 Product Bulletin

0049-0602-PB : 654 Kb


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