CDB6271-2 ('Lochnagar 2') Development Platform

Cirrus Logic’s CDB6271-2 ('Lochnagar 2') is an evaluation and development platform with support for interchangeable daughtercards. It is designed to provide a variety of audio inputs and outputs to Cirrus Logic devices and to allow for configuring and programming them in a variety of possible use cases.

The CDB6271-2 (‘Lochnagar 2’) can stream up to 16 channels of USB audio from the PC. It has software-controlled signal routing options, a wide range of analogue and digital audio input and outputs, and a built-in current monitor feature that allows the power consumption of Cirrus Logic devices to be measured without any external equipment. It is the same form factor as the original 6271-EV1 (‘Lochnagar’) board and is compatible with the same daughtercards.

The CDB6271-2 (‘Lochnagar 2’) is designed to operate with the WISCE™ Development Tools Suite, which is a prerequisite for use of the board. The CDB6271-2 (‘Lochnagar 2’) support can be added to WISCE by installing the Device Pack, which also installs the necessary audio and communication drivers.

Key Benefits:

  • Single USB cable provides power and communications to the board;
  • Interchangeable daughtercards to support a range of Cirrus Logic devices;
  • Software-controlled signal routing to support many different use cases and configurations;
  • Graphical WISCE plugin to simplify control and configuration;
  • Integrated board firmware update utility for feature set enhancements;
  • 16-channel USB audio class 2.0 streaming;
  • 3.5 mm analog jacks with integrated DAC/ADC;
  • Current monitor functionality on up to eight supply rails for power measurements;
  • Support for SPI, I²C, JTAG and UART protocols.
Software Versions
CDB6271-2 ('Lochnagar 2') WISCE Device Pack Installation Download Now
Version (EXE - 25 MB)
Software prerequisite: WISCE Development Tools Suite
You will also need the device and firmware packs for the specific Cirrus Logic products you are using. Search the products section or contact your local field team to obtain these.


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