The WM8962B is a low power, high performance stereo codec featuring an integrated charge pump to provide a ground referenced output which removes the need for DC blocking capacitors on the headphone outputs and incorporates a dual-mode charge pump architecture to optimize efficiency and power consumption during playback. A DC Servo is used to reduce DC ground offsets and to improve power consumption and minimizes pops and clicks. Stereo Class D speaker drivers provide 2W per channel into 4Ω BTL loads, with a 5V supply. Low leakage, excellent PSRR and pop/click suppression mechanisms also allow direct battery connection to the speaker supply. Flexible speaker boost settings allow speaker output power to be maximized while minimizing other analog supply currents. Control sequences for audio path setup can be pre-loaded and executed by an integrated sequencer to reduce software driver development and eliminate pops and clicks via Cirrus Logic’s SilentSwitch™ technology. Flexible input configuration: four stereo inputs or eight mono inputs on Left or Right ADC, with a complete analog (four single-ended stereo inputs) and digital microphone interface. A programmable audio enhancement DSP is included with multiple preset algorithms. Virtual surround sound widens the stereo speaker audio image, HD Bass enhances low frequencies, and ReTune™ flattens the frequency response of the speaker or microphone path. A configurable DSP includes additional functions such as 3D widening for recording, a 5-band parametric EQ and Dynamic Range Controller.


Application Categories

Smart Home, Wearables


  • DAC SNR 98 dB ('A' weighted), THD -84 dB at 48 kHz, 1.8V
  • ADC SNR 94 dB ('A' weighted), THD -85 dB at 48 kHz, 1.8V
  • Stereo class D speaker driver
    • 1W per channel into 8Ω BTL speakers
    • 2W mono (for improved THD)
    • Flexible internal switching clock
  • Cirrus Logic 'class W' ultra-low power headphone driver
    • Up to 31㎽ per channel output power at 1% THD+N into 16Ω at 1.8V
    • Ground referenced
    • Low offset (± 1.2mV)
    • Pop and click suppression
    • Control sequencer for pop-minimized power-up/down
    • Single register write for default start-up sequence
  • Microphone interface
    • Single-ended four stereo analog input
    • Integrated low noise MICBIAS
    • Digital microphone interface
    • Programmable ALC / limiter and noise gate
  • Programmable audio enhancement DSP with presets
    • Virtual surround sound
    • HD bass
    • ReTune™
  • Fixed audio processing DSP
    • 3D stereo widening
    • 5-band parametric EQ
    • Dynamic range controller
    • Beep generator
  • Two integrated PLLs enable clocking of full audio system
  • Low power consumption
    • 7.7㎽ headphone playback
    • 8.3㎽ analog record mode
  • Low supply voltages
    • analog 1.7V to 2.0V (speaker supply up to 5.5V)
    • Charge pump 1.7V to 2.0V
    • MIC bias amp supply 1.7V to 3.6V
    • Digital 1.62V to 2.0V
  • Two-wire I²C and 3- or 4-wire SPI serial control interface
  • Standard sample rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz
  • W-CSP, 3.6x3.9mm 49-pin

Parametric Specifications

DACs 2
ADCs 2
DAC THD+N (dB) -84 (THD)
ADC THD+N (dB) -85 (THD)
Sample Rate (kHz) 96
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.7-2
Power Consumption (mW) 6-32.4
Package 49 WLCSP

Technical Documents

WM8962B Product Datasheet

Sep 1, 2016, v4.3 : 3.8 Mb

WM8962B-6243-CS49-M-REV1_Schematic Layout

Jan 6, 2012, v1.0 : 1.8 Mb

6243 EV1 REV1 Schematic and Layout

Sep 1, 2010, v1.2 : 2800 Kb

Software and Tools

  • To ensure correct operation of the WM8962B evaluation board with the WM8962B device pack, check the Legacy USB option in WISCE.
  • Refer to Section 2.3 and Figure 11 in the WISCE User Guide for further details.
  • Prior to using the Example Configurations, populate the solder bridge jumper SP1 on the WM8962B evaluation Board (customer mini board)


Jan 14, 2021, v3.12.0.5 : 43.2 Mb

WM8962B Device Pack

v1.1 : 3930 Kb


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