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Cirrus Logic IC’s provide unbeatable performance and functionality levels, which enable the perfect solution for a variety of audio use cases.        Besides the IC itself, there are a plethora of software elements, either from Cirrus Logic or third-party software partners that allow solutions to be built to differentiate in each and every different field of audio, be it mobile, home, automotive or any other.       Implementing a combined hardware and software audio solution can sometimes be a challenging task. Besides combining software and hardware elements into a single solution, form factor prototyping, overall software stack integration and acoustic tuning are pivotal elements in perfecting an audio processing chain.       To help customers in such tasks, Cirrus Logic has established a growing community of trusted Service Partners that are fully equipped and trained to address the challenges in building the perfect audio solutions.

Audio Solution Architecture

  • System and solution architecture definition / consultation

Mechanical and Acoustic Product Design

  • Product design expertise delivering acoustic and industrial design co-optimized solutions

Hardware and PCB Design

  • Schematic capture / review
  • PCB layout design / review

Software Porting and Optimization

  • Porting from non-ADSP2 code base; low power optimization

Software Development and Integration

  • Development and integration services including Linux drivers and MCU

Tuning Services

  • Dedicated acoustic labs to tune and optimize audio solutions

Test, Validation and Certification

  • Solution tuning and testing (acoustic, electrical, and more)

Customer Support

  • Production ramp stages, mass production



RT-RK is a premium embedded software development house in the Southeast Europe, with a focus on consumer electronics and infotainment systems. The company was founded in 1991, and currently employs 500+ engineers. RT-RK has a background in being a near shore development center of silicon vendor, networking, automotive, and consumer electronics companies. RT-RK operates under the umbrella of TTTech Group. To learn more, visit .

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants are leaders in disruptive innovation, technology and product development, delivering world firsts for our clients with market-leading performance and high return on investment. More than 750 engineers, designers, scientists and consultants, located in state-of-the-art facilities in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan; all dedicated to solving the world’s most complex engineering, technology and design problems. In particular, we are proud of our audio capability, developing bespoke algorithms and systems for our clients, exploiting our exceptional technical expertise from DSP, acoustics, embedded software and machine learning. With expertise that extends beyond audio, including, UI, UX, ID, cloud, analytics, software and hardware design, RF and design for manufacture/NPI, we are the ideal partner with an unrivalled combination of skills that leads to market-defining ideas and breakthroughs that defy convention.

For more information on Cambridge Consultants, visit, drop them an email at or give them a call at +44 (0) 1223 420024.


Novus Labs

Novus Labs is a global engineering solutions provider offering proven expertise and resources to support product development and testing goals. From ground-up development and integration, to end-to-end validation, our company is ready to tackle challenges confronted by engineering teams every day and at any stage of the development cycle. Novus Labs offers companies of all sizes custom and standard engineering services to meet the needs of the business, project and varying budgets.

Novus Labs provides three primary functions for the technology industry:

  • Product Design and Development: Our skilled engineers and product designers bring together innovation and expertise to address hardware and software design needs, including rapid prototyping, industrial design, component selection, application development, UX/UI and more.
  • Testing and Certification: Our team of experienced engineers span disciplines and domain expertise to support testing at the component and system level, and to create standard or custom test solutions to meet project goals. Whether the project is functional, is focused on performance and benchmarking, interoperability, or industry compliance, or requires a highly customized test service, Novus Labs has the expertise to meet the need.
  • Technical Staffing: Our staff recruiters can provide placement services for onsite engineering positions within a customer’s organization. Novus Labs sources hardware, software and quality assurance engineers, as well as technical writers, program managers and many other high-tech disciplines.

With a variety of technology experts on staff, Novus Labs is a global leader in engineering services, project development and technical staffing. Our goal is to help customers of all sizes and across a variety of markets to bring products to market faster and with the highest quality. To learn more, visit



Sasken is a leader in providing Engineering R&D, Testing and Productized IT services to global tier 1 customers in the communications & devices, retail, insurance and ISV sectors. Sasken’s deep domain knowledge and comprehensive suite of services have helped global leaders in verticals such as semiconductors, consumer electronics, smart devices, automotive electronics, enterprises and network equipment maintain market leadership.

Sasken’s hardware and software services for new product introduction & derivatives, productization and commercialization, management of end-of-life and sustenance & product re-engineering are:

  • Chip Design – FPGA, ASIC, SoC design and validation
  • Hardware Design & Testing – Audio, antenna, RF, mechanical, environmental, industrial design & testing
  • Platform Enablement – Device drivers, BSP, OS bring up, porting and integration
  • Modem & Connectivity – Protocol stack, RIL/telephony development and maintenance
  • Middleware & Application Development and Testing

Established in 1989, Sasken employs 2,000-plus people, operating from state-of-the-art centers in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad (India), Kaustinen & Tampere (Finland), and Beijing (China). Sasken also has a presence across Germany, Japan, South Korea, UAE, UK, and the USA.

For more information on Sasken, visit



Sigma Connectivity is an independent design house with end-to-end solutions within R&D and production development. Innovation and time to market are in our DNA; we have the experience of developing products during 30 years in the forefront of the toughest consumer product market.

We are today working across several different industries helping our clients to take advantage of connectivity, advanced sensor solutions and the latest technology trends. Our customers are well-known global brands, located mainly in North America and Europe.

Sigma Connectivity engages in any phase of a product’s development cycle, offering its expertise and world-class labs across several areas:

  • System and Technology platform design and integration
  • Hardware development on Audio, RF/Antenna, Electronics, and Optoelectronics
  • Mechanical development
  • Industrial design and UX
  • Software development from device drivers and boot loaders to applications and cloud-based solutions
  • Hardware and software verification and pre-compliance test
  • Production technology and industrialization
  • Prototyping, re-work and failure analysis

A creative and passionate mind can build amazing things by pure willpower. However, to transform an idea into a viable product on time, one needs access to the right equipment and tools. We run one of the world’s few truly independent labs, ranging from environmental and reliability test facilities to walk-in anechoic rooms for both radiated and acoustic measurements. This, together with our advanced prototype lab, ensures efficient development turnaround time.

Our delivery is primarily done from our offices in Lund, Sweden and Warsaw, Poland, but we also support our customers on site based upon need.

For more information on Sigma Connectivity, visit



SoCtronics is an end-to-end embedded software design services company based out of Hyderabad (India), serving various product and semiconductor companies across the globe. SoCtronics offers its software expertise in all aspects of product development starting from software architecture & design, pre-silicon validation, ASIC bring-up, post-silicon validation, software enablement & testing all the way up to productization & certification. SoCtronics also offers to its customers complete solutions involving platform HW, BSP, system software, applications, leveraging its specialized domain knowledge in mobiles, wearables, multimedia, security and IoT software stacks. The teams have experience working with various semiconductor and product companies across the globe and have been well appreciated for their customer commitment and high-quality work.

The following are the broad areas where SoCtronics teams have expertise:

  • Boot ROM & Boot Loaders
  • Device Drivers & BSP
  • OS porting and bring up: Linux, Android, Windows, Nucleus, FreeRTOS, Contiki
  • Applications – Android, iOS, Nucleus – Inflexion, Nucleus - EmWi
  • SoC level and Platform level Power management
  • Multimedia and middleware
  • Software testing & QA
  • ASIC bring-up, Pre- & Post-silicon validation
  • Platform design and validation

One of the primary focus areas for SoCtronics is multimedia. SoCtronics’s teams have many decades of experience in the multimedia domain with specific focus on audio, voice, video and imaging solutions. The experience ranges from audio, voice and video codecs, post-processing algorithms such as virtual bass, audio quality enhancement algorithms, specialized voice algorithms such as echo cancellation, speech recognition, text-to-speech etc. The team has extensive experience working on various RISC, DSP and VLIW architectures such as ARM (ARM-9/11, Cortex-A8/9), MIPS (microAptivmC/uP, Interaptiv), Cirrus Logic Audio Hubs (ADSP2 cores) and many more.

SoCtronics has been supporting Cirrus Logic and its customers in realizing various specialized audio processing functionalities on multiple generations of Cirrus Logic’s highly successful audio codec hub ICs. It provides algorithm porting and integration support services by leveraging its deep DSP and audio experience and extensive exposure to the Linux drivers for these ICs. SoCtronics thus offers a comprehensive services profile for any company working on their audio codec ICs and is an ideal partner for realizing their goals using Cirrus Logic’s technologies.

For more information on SoCtronics, visit



The Audio of Things specializes in providing engineered solutions that optimize the integration of audio and voice in consumer audio, headphone, computer and smart home devices. Our primary goal is to evolve the brands of our clients by helping them to align their sonic signature with a customized voice experience. Our approach to project management, featuring onsite support in China throughout, is robust and highly disciplined while being flexible and responsive to keep our customers’ time to market, development cost and headaches to a minimum.

Our engineers are both specialists and cross-trained through human-human and human-machine voice and audio disciplines developed over decades of experience with industry leaders such as Bell Research Labs and Harman International as well as boutique audio amplifier, transducer and voice integration engineering firms. Our team members have more than 30 patents in voice processing, microphone, amplifier, and transducer active distortion control technologies.

These credentials allow us to best understand the impact and interaction of all design elements and make it possible for us evaluate and resolve project challenges in each of the following areas:

  • Product requirements definition
  • Acoustic design and component integration
  • Evaluation, selection and matching of microphone, loudspeaker and amplifier hardware
  • Evaluation, selection, and tuning of codecs and DSP
  • Selection, recommendation, integration and customization of voice algorithms, including software porting and algorithm tuning
  • Implementation of customized or branded voice assistant and embedded voice services
  • Voice services certification functional and acoustical testing
  • Supply of critical sub-systems and components

The capability and credibility of the veteran TAOT team is further strengthened by our partnerships with Cirrus Logic, suppliers of integrated Wi-Fi modules, voice enhancement algorithm providers, hardware testing labs and China-Base, our Nanjing-based hardware supply chain partner.

TAOT is located in a suburb of Indianapolis Indiana with support personnel located in Toronto, Canada and China (Weifang, Nanjing and Shenzhen).

For more information on The Audio of Things, visit or email

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