Audio D/A Converters

Digital/analog converters from Cirrus Logic are mixed signal audio products that excel in performance and features. Cirrus Logic pioneered Delta Sigma technology and low-latency digital filtering techniques, and our products offer both stereo and multi-channel configurations with innovative features such as PopGuard™ technology.




v3.12.0.5 : 43.2 Mb

Device Pack for CS43131

v1.0.48 : 15.5 Mb

Device Pack for CS43198

v1.0.36 : 14.7 Mb

CS4354 IBIS Model

(1.8V, 3.3V, 5.0V) : 9 Kb

CS4350 IBIS Model

Rev 0 : 185 Kb

CS4344 IBIS Model

(3.3V, 5.0V) : 7 Kb

CS4334 IBIS Model

SW-4334 : 11 Kb

Device Pack for WM8918

v1.1 : 1375 Kb
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