The CS5510/11/12/13 family of low-cost, easy-to-use, Delta Sigma analog-to-digital (A/D) converters use charge-balance techniques to achieve 16-bit (CS5510/11) and 20-bit (CS5512/13) performance. The A/D converters are available in a space-efficient 8-pin SOIC package and are optimized for measuring signals in weigh scale, process control, and other industrial applications. To accommodate these applications, the A/D converters include a fourth-order Delta Sigma modulator and digital filter. When configured with an external main clock of 32.768 kHz, the filter in the CS5510/12 family members provides better than 80 dB of simultaneous 50 Hz and 60 Hz line rejection and outputs conversion words at 53.5 Hz. The CS5511/13 family members include an on-chip oscillator, which eliminates the need for an external clock source. Low power, a flexible supply, a compact pin-out and ease of use make these products ideal solutions for cost-conscious and space-constrained applications.



  • Delta Sigma A/D converters
    • Linearity error: 0.0015% FS
    • Noise-free resolution: up to 17 bits
  • Differential bipolar analog inputs
  • VREF input range from 250 mV to 5 V
  • 50 Hz/60 Hz simultaneous rejection (CS5510/12)
  • 16 Hz to 326 Hz output word rate
  • On-chip oscillator (CS5511/13)
  • Power supply configurations:
    • V+ = 5 V, V- = 0 V
    • Multiple dual supply arrangements
  • Low power consumption
    • Normal mode: 2.5 mW
    • Sleep mode: 10 µW
  • Package: 8-pin SOIC (low-cost, compact); lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Resolution (bits) 16 (CS5510)

16 (CS5511)

20 (CS5512)

20 (CS5513)
Throughput (Sps) 53-212 (CS5510)

100 (CS5511)

53-326 (CS5512)

100 (CS5513)
Integral Linearity (%FS) 0.0015 (CS5510)

0.0015 (CS5511)

0.0007 (CS5512)

0.0007 (CS5513)
Differential Linearity (±LSB) NMC
Channels 1
Power Consumption (mW) 2.5
Package 8 SOIC


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