Wired Headsets

Cirrus Logic hardware enabled with SoundClear® technology for wired headphone applications delivers clear, reliable and consistent audio performance making it possible to enjoy calls regardless of the talking environment.

Wired Headset
MFi Headset

Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features

ASR Enhance

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) preprocessing for increased accuracy in noisy environments.

Always-On Voice

Reliable wake word recognition from one foot or from across the room.

Instant Adapt NREC

Noise reduction and echo cancellation regardless of the surrounding environment.

HD Voice Support

Wideband and narrow-band support for voice processing.

Audio Post Processing

Cirrus Logic offers a wide range of post processing including in-house and from some of the biggest software brands in the world.

Hi-Fi Playback

Using multi-path headset amplifier technology, our smart codecs can deliver high quality audio for any application.

Compatible Products


Portable Codecs

  • WM8904

    Ultra Low Power Codec for Portable Audio Applications

D/A Converters

  • CS43131

    MasterHIFI Audio D/A Converter with Headphone Amplifier

Highlighted components are offered by Cirrus Logic.

System Features


Hi-Fi 114 dB DAC plus headphone driver. 114 dB ADC with mic bias generator.

Voice Sidetone Mixer

Audio remote control buttons.

Audio Jack Support

Connect an iOS device using sample firmware compatible with MFi connections. For more information about the Apple® MFi program, visit mfi.apple.com.

Compatible Products


Smart Codecs

  • CS42L42

    Low Power Audio Codec with SoundWire and Audio Processing

    SoundClear compatible

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