24-bit, 192 kHz, Asynchronous Stereo Sample-Rate Converter

The CS8422 is a 24-bit, high performance, stereo asynchronous sample-rate converter with an integrated digital audio interface receiver that supports AES3 and S/PDIF interface standards. This integrated feature set removes the requirement for system platforms to vary system clocking when integrating asynchronous digital interfaces. Audio data is input through the digital interface receiver or a 3-wire serial audio input port. Audio is output through one of two 3-wire serial audio output ports. Serial audio data outputs can be set to 24, 20, 18, or 16-bit word lengths. Data in the digital interface receiver and serial audio input port can be up to 24-bits long. Input and output data can be completely asynchronous, synchronous to an external clock through XTI, or synchronous to the recovered main clock. The CS8422 can be controlled through the control port in Software Mode or in a Stand-Alone Hardware Mode. In Software Mode, the user can control the device through an SPI or I²C control port. The CS8422 is ideal for consumer, professional and automotive applications such as audio/video receivers & HTiB, digital mixing consoles, digital effects processors and automotive amplifiers.



  • Complete EIAJ CP1201, IEC-60958, AES3, and S/PDIF transceiver; compatible with standards
  • Flexible 3-wire serial digital I/O ports
  • Adjustable sample rate up to 96 kHz
  • Low-jitter clock-recovery
  • Pin and microcontroller read/write access to channel status and user data
  • Microcontroller and standalone modes
  • Differential cable driver and receiver
  • On-chip channel status and user data buffer memories permit block reads and writes
  • OMCK system clock mode
  • Decodes audio CD Q subcode

Parametric Specifications

Discontinued Product
Recommended Replacement: CS8416

Technical Documents

CS8422 Product Data Sheet

Apr 1, 2020, DS692F3 : 3.7 Mb

CS8422 Product Bulletin

Oct 28, 2008, 0202-0708-PB : 3247 Kb

Errata: CS8422 Rev. B1 Silicon

Oct 28, 2008, ER692B1 : 33 Kb

Design Resources

CDB8422 Evaluation Board Data Sheet

May 21, 2010, DS692DB2 : 3584 Kb


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