114 dB, 192 kHz 4-, 6- and 8-Channel A/D Converters

The CS5368 is a premium-performance audio A/D converter (ADC) designed for today’s demanding surround-sound consumer and multichannel pro audio applications. The highly integrated IC provides designers with a space-saving solution that streamlines product development, reduces design complexity and lowers overall system costs compared to boards that use multiple stereo ADCs for surround-sound or multichannel designs. Resulting in smaller audio equipment that can be produced at a lower cost compared to today’s products. The CS5368 is the industry’s first audio ADC to support a high-speed TDM interface which provides a serial output of 8 channels of audio data with sample rates up to 192 kHz within a single data stream. This capability reduces layout complexity and relieves input/output constraints in digital signal processors. The on-chip level-shifter and oscillator drivers further reduce complexity and simplify system design. The IC also features a differential architecture that provides excellent noise rejection and performs sampling, A/D conversion and anti-alias filtering. The CS5368 uses a 5th-order, multibit Delta Sigma architecture that provides superior 114 dB dynamic range and negligible distortion. Low-latency digital filtering, with the industry’s shortest group delay, further preserves the original audio quality and experience, making the ICs ideal for real-time and live-sound applications. The flagship CS5368 is an 8-channel converter and the CS5364 and CS5366 are its pin compatible 4- and 6-channel family members.



  • 114 dB dynamic range
  • -105 dB THD+N
  • Selectable audio interface formats:
    • Left-justified, I²S, TDM
    • 8-channel TDM interface formats
  • On-chip oscillator driver
  • Supports main or secondary mode
  • Overflow detection
  • Lead-free 48-pin LQFP; 8-, 6-, and 4-channel pin-compatible family

Parametric Specifications

Discontinued Product
Recommended Replacement: CS5302P, CS5304P, CS5308P

Technical Documents

CS5368 Product Data Sheet

Jul 1, 2014, DS624F5 : 715 Kb

CS5364 Product Data Sheet

Jul 1, 2014, DS625F5 : 712 Kb

CS5366 Product Data Sheet

Jul 1, 2014, DS626F5 : 721 Kb

CS5368 Product Bulletin

Jul 1, 2005, 0163-0605-PB-LP : 105 Kb

Design Resources

CDB5366 Evaluation Board Data Sheet

Sep 1, 2005, DS625DB1 : 1933 Kb

CDB5368 Evaluation Board Data Sheet

Sep 1, 2005, DS624DB1 : 2016 Kb

CDB5364 Evaluation Board Data Sheet

Sep 1, 2005, DS625DB1 : 1925 Kb


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