The CS4461 is a complete analog/digital converter (ADC) for Class-D PSR (power-supply rejection) feedback. It performs sampling and A/D conversion, generating digital data for input to a Class-D modulator. The CS4461’s advanced Delta-Sigma architecture allows differential analog inputs that provide excellent noise rejection and multibit conversion at up to 7.5 MHz. This A/D converter provides real-time feedback of power-supply conditions to a Class-D modulator via a direct interface, resulting in very low signal delay. Improved PSR feedback allows the systems designer to use lower cost power supplies, resulting in a lower bill-of-materials (BOM) cost. Systems developers can further lower BOM costs by developing single-ended (half-bridge) solutions as opposed to differential (full-bridge) solutions. The CS4461 A/D converter and the CS44600/800 Class-D digital amplifiers provide a simple, small and cost-effective solution for DVD receivers, home theater recorders and entry-level audio/video receivers and home-theater-in-a-box systems.



  • Advanced multibit Delta-Sigma architecture
  • Real-time feedback of power-supply conditions
  • Filterless digital output resulting in very low signal delay
  • 135 mW power consumption
  • Support for logic levels between 3.3 V and 5 V
  • Differential analog architecture
  • Modulator overflow detection
  • Direct interface to CS44600/800 Class-D PWM modulator
  • Multibit conversion at up to 7.5 MHz
  • Delivery of modulated data over 2-wire interface
  • Package information: 24-pin TSSOP; lead-free assembly

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CS4461 Product Data Sheet

Sep 16, 2005, DS650F1 : 145 Kb


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