Portable Audio DAC with Integrated Class D Speaker Driver

The CS43L22 is low power stereo digital/analog converter (DAC) with integrated headphone and Class D speaker amplifiers that operates from a low voltage analog and digital core. The DAC output path includes a digital signal processing engine with various fixed-function controls, such as tone and volume control, and includes de-emphasis, limiting functions and beep generator that delivers tones selectable across a range of two octaves. The stereo headphone amplifier is powered from a separate positive supply and the integrated charge pump provides a negative supply allowing for a ground-centered analog output to eliminate the need for DC blocking capacitors. The Class D stereo speaker does not require an external filter and can be powered directly from a battery.



Stereo DAC
  • Digital signal processing engine
    • Bass, treble tone control
    • Soft ramp, zero-cross transitions
    • Programmable peak detect and limiter
    • Beep generator with full tone control
Class D Stereo/Mono Speaker Amplifier
  • No external filter required
  • Direct battery powered operation
    • Battery level monitoring, compensation
  • 82% at 800 mW
  • Phase aligned PWM output reduces idle channel current
  • Low quiescent current
Stereo Headphone Amplifier / Line Output
  • Ground-centered outputs
    • Integrated charge pump
    • No DC blocking capacitor required
  • High power output at -75 dB THD+N
    • 2 x 23 mW Into 16 Ω @ 1.8 V
    • 2 x 44 mW Into 16 Ω @ 2.5 V
System Features
  • 12, 24, and 27 MHz main clock support in addition to typical audio clock rates
  • Low power operation
    • Stereo analog pass through: 10 mW @ 1.8 V
    • Stereo playback: 14 mW @ 1.8 V
  • Variable power supplies
    • 1.8 V to 2.5 V digital, analog
    • 2.5 V to 5 V Class D amplifier
    • 1.8 V to 2.5 V headphone amplifier
    • 1.8 V to 3.3 V interface logic
  • Power down management
  • Flexible clocking options
    • Main or secondary operation
    • High impedance digital output option
    • Quarter-speed mode (i.e. allows 8 kHz Fs while maintaining a flat noise floor up to 16 kHz)
  • I²C control port operation
  • Headphone/speaker detection input

Parametric Specifications

Discontinued Product
Recommended Replacement: WM8962B

Technical Documents

CS43L22 Product Data Sheet

Mar 5, 2010, DS792F2 : 672 Kb

Design Resources

CDB43L22 Evaluation Board Data Sheet

Oct 24, 2007, DS792DB1 : 3992 Kb


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