The CS4399 is a next generation, low power audio DAC that provides a superior system-level audio performance without draining battery life. This IC minimizes board space requirements while enabling performance and features to drive design differentiation. The CS4399 features a high impedance of 600 Ω, a 130 dBA dynamic range, a THD+N rating of -108 dB, and inter channel isolation of >110 dB. To minimize pre-echos and ringing artifacts, the CS4399 is designed with proprietary digital-interpolation filters that support five selectable digital filter responses. Filtering options include low group delay with pseudo-linear phase and a fast or slow roll-off. A patented on-chip DSD processor supports up to DSD128 in direct mode to preserve audio integrity by providing non-decimating volume control with soft ramp, and 50 kHz filtering as recommended by Scarlet Book. Volume matching of the analog output levels and channel mixing enable a seamless transition between the DSD and PCM playback paths. The CS4399 is available in a 40-pin QFN or a 42-ball WLCSP packages.



  • Advanced 32-bit oversampled multi-bit modulator with mismatch shaping technology
    • Eliminates distortion due to on-chip component mismatch
    • Supports up to 384 kHz sampling frequency
    • Low clock jitter sensitivity
    • Auto mute detection
  • Serial audio input
    • I²S, right-justified, left-justified, DoP, DSD and TDM interface
    • Main or secondary operation
    • Volume control with 0.5 dB step size and soft ramp
    • 44.1 kHz de-emphasis and inverting feature
  • Patented dedicated DSD processor featuring high resolution audio format support
    • DirectStream Digital™ (DSD)
    • DSD over PCM (DSD DoP), up to DSD128
    • Handles switching between DSD and PCM audio streams, matching the analog audio output level
  • Integrated PLL
    • Reference clock sourced from MCLK pin
    • System clock output
  • 1 MHz I²C and hardware mode control

Parametric Specifications

Discontinued Product
Recommended Replacement: CS43131, CS43198


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Technical Documents

CS4399 Product Data Sheet

May 5, 2017, DS1113F1 : 4.8 Mb

CS4399 Product Bulletin

Feb 14, 2017, Rev 4 : 123 Kb

Design Resources

WAN-0118 Guidelines

Sep 1, 2014, WAN_0118 rev 2.5 : 740 kb

Software and Tools


Jan 14, 2021, v3.12.0.5 : 43.2 Mb

CS4399 Board Setup Dev Kit

Feb 14, 2017, Rev B : 4.5 Mb


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