Digital Silicon MEMS Microphones

Cirrus Logic's low-profile digital silicon microphones are optimized for use with low power ‘Always-on’ voice control applications.


Application Notes

WAN_0284 General Design Considerations for MEMS Microphones

Jan 6, 2016, WAN0284 rev 1.2 : 506 Kb

WAN_0263 Interfacing WM72xx Digital Microphones

Nov 5, 2015, WAN0263 rev 1.2 : 326 Kb

WAN_0273 MEMS MIC Assembly and Handling Guidelines

Nov 5, 2015, WAN0273 rev 1.3 : 624 Kb

WAN_0285 Microphone Power Gating

Nov 5, 2015, WAN0285 rev 1.1 : 508 Kb

WAN_0290 An Introduction to MEMS Microphone Specifications

Jun 15, 2015, WAN0290 rev 1.0 : 538 Kb

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