Cirrus Logic's Voice improves the audio experience of more than 100 million devices

Tomorrow’s consumers are shifting to a voice-connected world, where the user interface is driven by voice command and voice control-enabled technologies. Cirrus Logic voice solutions leverage the company’s expertise in ultra low power ICs and SoundClear® software for crystal-clear performance, giving consumers a “hands-free” ability to interact with their personal devices or carry on virtually noise-free phone conversations in any environment.

Voice Technologies

Echo Cancelation

Echo Cancelation

When you’re talking on a mobile device, be heard no matter what is going on around you with Cirrus Logic’s Noise Reduction and Echo Cancelation (NREC) technology. Algorithms identify what audio inputs are important and what needs to be heard on the receiver’s end.

Far Field Voice Capture

Far Field Voice Capture

Working with Cirrus Logic’s Control solutions, be heard by your device and command your phone, TV, thermostat, or other smart home accessories with your voice.

Noise Reduction Multi-Microphone Beamforming

Noise Reduction with Multi-Mic Beamforming

Multiple mics allow applications to identify a speakers' voice and the surrounding noise so that the signal can be adjusted for optimum quality.

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SoundClear Voice Demo

Cirrus Logic's SoundClear® technology elevates the user experience ...

Related Applications

Recommended Hardware

Smart Codecs

  • CS47L24

    Ultra compact, low power smart codec with dual core DSP

  • CS47L35

    Smart codec with low power audio DSP

  • CS47L90

    Low power, highly integrated audio codec featuring smart HIFI for mobile playback

  • WM8281

    Low power smart codec with ambient noise cancelation and echo cancelation

  • WM5102

    Smart codec with voice processor DSP

MEMS Microphones

  • WM7121

    Top port analog silicon microphone

  • WM7132

    Bottom port analog silicon microphone

  • WM7216

    Low power top port digital silicon microphone

  • WM7236

    Bottom port digital silicon microphone

Portable Codecs

  • WM8904

    Ultra low power codec for portable audio applications

  • WM8993

    Codec with stereo speaker drivers and Class W headphone driver


D/A Converters

  • CS4398

    120 dB, 24-bit, 192 kHz stereo D/A converter with DSD support

  • WM8741

    24-bit, 192 kHz, advanced D/A converter with advanced digital filtering


Comprehensive Solutions