Low Power Class G Stereo Headphone Driver

The WM9010 is a stereo headphone driver that utilizes Class G amplifier technology to achieve high power efficiency and low quiescent current. Stereo analog inputs accept 1 VRMS line level inputs and the Hi-Fi output drivers deliver up to 28 mW into a 32 Ω load. An integrated charge pump circuit generates split rail voltage supplies to power the ground-referenced headphone driver. The WM9010 provides pop and click suppression whenever the WM9010 is enabled or disabled.


Audio Amplifiers


  • Hi-fi audio headphone drivers
  • Stereo analog audio inputs
  • Ground referenced, capless headphone outputs
  • Integrated charge pump and oscillator circuits
  • Low quiescent current
  • RF noise suppression
  • Pop and click suppression
  • 12-pin CSP package

Parametric Specifications

Input Type Analog
Channels Class D Speaker Driver;
1 x Stereo Class-G
Output Power (V) 34 mW into 16 ohm
SNR (dB) 104
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.71-2
Package 12 WLCSP

Technical Documents

WM9010 Product Data Sheet

Feb 1, 2011, v4.0 : 273 Kb

WM9010 Product Flyer

Jan 1, 2010 : 355 Kb


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