Codec with Stereo Speaker Drivers and Class W Headphone Driver

The WM8993 is a highly integrated, ultra low power hi-fi codec with a stereo 1 W per channel speaker driver that can operate in Class D or AB mode. Low leakage and high PSRR enable direct battery connection for the speaker supply and a Class W headphone drivers are ground referenced and provide a dramatic reduction in playback power. Active ground loop noise rejection and DC offset correction help prevent pop noise and ground noise from degrading headphone output quality. A highly flexible input configuration supports multiple microphone or line inputs (mono or stereo, single-ended or differential). A fully differential internal architecture, active ground noise rejection and on-chip RF filtering ensure a very high degree of noise immunity. ReTune™ Mobile provides powerful parametric equalization for optimizing speaker characteristics. Programmable dynamic range control is also available for maximizing loudness, protecting speakers from clipping and preventing premature shutdown due to battery droop.

Product Categories

Smart Home, Speakers, Wearables


  • 100 dB SNR during DAC playback (‘A’ weighted)
  • Low power, low noise MIC interface
  • 2W mono / 1W stereo Class D or AB speaker driver
    • 1W/channel into 8Ω BTL speaker at <1% THD
  • ReTune™ Mobile parametric equalizer
  • Dynamic range compressor
  • Low power Class W headphone drivers
    • Integrated charge pump
    • 5mW total power for DAC playback to headphones
  • Digital audio interface
    • All standard data formats and 4-channel TDM supported
    • All standard sample rates from 8kHz to 48kHz
  • Low power FLL
    • Provides all necessary internal clocks
    • 32kHz to 27MHz input frequency
    • Self-clocking mode for Class D and charge pump
  • 2 line outputs (single-ended stereo or differential mono)
  • Dedicated earpiece driver
  • “Direct voice” paths to outputs
    • Low noise paths bypass all internal mixers
    • Low power consumption
  • Active noise reduction
    • DC offset correction removes pops and clicks
    • Ground loop noise cancelation
  • 48-ball W-CSP package (3.64x3.54x0.7mm,0.5mm pitch)

Parametric Specifications

DACs 2
ADCs 2
DAC THD+N (dB) -90
ADC THD+N (dB) -81
Sample Rate (kHz) 48
Analog Power Supply (V) 2.2-3.3
Supply Current (µA) 1.1-2
Package 48 WLCSP

Technical Documents

WM8993 Product Datasheet

Dec 7, 2016, v4.1 : 2940 Kb

6220 EV1 REV1 Schematic and Layout

May 1, 2009, v1.0 : 2500 Kb

Software and Tools


v3.8.0.8 : 40.2 Mb



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