Ultra Low Power D/A Converter with Headphone Driver

The WM8912 is an ultra low power stereo digital/analog converter (DAC) with integrated ground-referenced headphone amplifiers that incorporate a dual-mode charge pump to optimize efficiency and power consumption during playback. The ground-referenced outputs eliminate headphone coupling capacitors and the outputs include common mode feedback paths to reject ground noise. Control sequences for audio path setup can be pre-loaded and executed by an integrated control write sequencer to reduce software driver development and minimize pops and clicks. The WM8912 can operate directly from a single 1.8 V switched supply, or for optimal power consumption, the digital core can be operated from a 1.0 V supply.


  • Low 3.8 mW quiescent power consumption for DAC to headphone playback
  • Class W ground referenced headphone driver
    • 28 mW per channel into 30 Ω at <1% THD
    • 32 mW per channel into 15 Ω at <1% THD
  • Dynamic range controller
  • Re-tune mobile parametric equalizer
  • On-chip FLL provides all necessary clocks
  • 32-pin QFN package

Parametric Specifications

Channel(s) Out 2
Resolution (bits) 24
Dynamic Range (dB) 96
THD+N (dB) -87
Sample Rate (kHz) 96
Output Level (Vrms) 1
Package 32 QFN

Technical Documents

WM8912 Product Datasheet

Feb 1, 2013, v4.1 : 1275 Kb

6201 EV1 REV3 Schematic and Layout

Apr 1, 2010, v1.0 : 2400 Kb

Software and Tools


v3.8.1.2 : 40.3 Mb



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