Multi-channel HDA Codec with S/PDIF Transceiver

The WM8860 is a high performance multi-channel audio codec designed for high performance portable PC audio systems. The device offers full compatibility with the Intel High Definition Audio (HDA) specification revision 1.0, allowing seamless integration with industry-standard HDA controllers. The WM8860 has two high performance stereo DACs to enable four channels of high definition audio. A high-performance ground-referenced stereo headphone amplifier utilizes advanced charge pump and DC servo technology to minimize system cost and space without compromise on audio quality. A balanced line output, which can provide a differential connection to an external speaker amplifier, is also provided and enables common mode noise rejection when these traces are routed across a PCB. The WM8860 also has two high performance stereo ADCs to provide Hi-Fi quality analog line-in and microphone input digitization. A low noise microphone bias with programmable output voltage is provided. Additionally, the codec contains a digital microphone interface capable of supporting up to four independent digital microphones. One differential stereo input is provided for line level signals, while one pseudo-differential stereo input with integrated microphone preamplifier is provided. The WM8860 also contains a S/PDIF transmitter which is fully compatible with IEC-60958-3. Two dedicated GPIO pins are provided, enabling control of external amplifiers or other additional system components. The WM8860 is supplied in a small 48-pin QFN package.

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  • Multi-channel high definition audio codec
  • Fully compatible with Intel High Definition Audio Revision 1.0
  • 4-Channel DAC, 4-channel ADC
  • DAC sampling frequency 8kHz - 192kHz
  • ADC sampling frequency 8kHz - 96kHz
  • DAC Performance:
    • SNR 108 dB (‘A’ weighted)
    • SNR 105 dB (non weighted)
    • THD -96 dB (at 0 dBFS)
  • ADC Performance:
    • SNR 105 dB (‘A’ weighted)
    • SNR 102 dB (non weighted)
    • THD -95 dB (at -1 dBFS)
  • Ground-referenced stereo headphone driver
  • Differential line inputs/outputs
  • Stereo microphone interface with integrated pre-amp
  • Multi-channel digital microphone interface
  • IEC-60958-3 compatible S/PDIF transmitter
  • Jack detect and load impedance sensing
  • Beep generator
  • GPIO functionality
  • IEEE-754 Single precision 32-bit floating point support
  • Power supplies
    • Digital core: 1.62V – 1.98V
    • Digital buffer: 2.97V – 3.63V
    • Analog: 4.5V – 5.5V
    • Charge pump: 4.5V – 5.5V
  • 48-pin 7mm x 7mm QFN package

Parametric Specifications

DACs 4
ADCs 4
DAC Dynamic Range (dB) 108
ADC Dynamic Range (dB) 105
DAC THD+N (dB) -96 (THD)
ADC THD+N (dB) -95 (THD)
DAC Sample Rate (kHz) 8-192
ADC Sample Rate (kHz) 8-96
Analog Power Supply (V) 4.5-5.25
Power Consumption (mW) 66-602
Bus Interface HD-Audio
Package 48 QFN


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