Smart Codec with Advanced DSP Audio Processing

The WM5102S is a flexible, high performance smart codec that supports audiophile quality DAC playback. The digital core of this IC provides a powerful combination of fixed-function signal processing blocks with a programmable DSP. These are supported by a fully flexible, all-digital audio mixing and routing engine with sample rate converters for wide use-case flexibility. The programmable DSP supports a range of audio processing software packages, including user-programmed solutions. A suite of signal processing software packages is licensed as part of the WM5102S product, though different audio algorithms can also be implemented.


Smart Codecs, Audio DSPs

Product Category

Mobile Audio Devices


  • Smart codec with integrated DSP
  • Master Hi-Fi filters for audiophile quality DAC playback
  • Enhanced DRE processing (eDRE) for 120 dB SNR
  • Fixed function signal processing functions
    • Wind noise, sidetone and other high/low pass filters
    • Dynamic range control, fully parametric EQs
    • Tone, noise, PWM, haptic control signal generators
  • Multi-channel asynchronous sample rate conversion
  • Integrated 6/7 channel 24-bit hi-fi audio hub codec
    • 6 ADCs, 96 dB SNR microphone input (48 kHz)
    • 7 DACs, 120 dB SNR headphone playback (48 kHz)
  • Audio inputs
    • Up to 6 analog or digital microphone inputs
    • Single-ended or differential mic/line inputs
  • Multi-purpose headphone / earpiece / line output drivers
    • 2 stereo output paths
    • 29 mW into 32Ω load at 0.1% THD+N
    • 100 mW into 32Ω BTL load at 5% THD+N
    • 6.5 mW typical headphone playback power consumption
    • Pop suppression functions
    • 1µVRMS noise floor (A-weighted, HPOUT1)
  • Mono BTL earpiece output driver
  • 2 x 2W stereo class D speaker output drivers
    • Direct drive of external haptics vibe actuators
  • Two-channel digital speaker (PDM) interface
  • SLIMbus® audio and control interface
  • 3 full digital audio interfaces
    • Standard sample rates from 4 kHz up to 192 kHz
    • Ultrasonic accessory function support
    • TDM support on all AIFs
    • 8 channel input and output on AIF1
  • Flexible clocking, derived from MCLKn, BCLKn or SLIMbus
  • 2 low power FLLs support reference clocks down to 32 kHz
  • Advanced accessory detection functions
    • Low power standby mode and configurable wake-up
  • Configurable functions on 5 GPIO pins
  • Integrated LDO regulators and charge pumps
  • Support for single 1.8V supply operation
  • Small W-CSP package, 0.4mm pitch

Parametric Specifications

DACs 7
ADCs 6
DAC Dynamic Range (dB) 120
ADC Dynamic Range (dB) 96
DAC THD+N (dB) -89
ADC THD+N (dB) -88
Sample Rate (kHz) 192
Analog Power Supply (V) 1.7-5.5
Supply Current (µA) 1.14-1.9
Package 137 WLCSP

Technical Documents

WM5102S Product Brief

Apr 1, 2014, Rev 1.2 : 511 Kb

WM5102S Product Datasheet

Apr 1, 2014, v1.1 : 3250 Kb

Software and Tools

WM5102 Setup

Feb 4, 2015, Rev 2.9 : 15661 Kb


Rev 2.0.3 : 1445 Kb


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