Stereo Headphone Driver with Cirrus Logic Ambient Noise Cancellation

The WM2002 is a low power, high-quality stereo headphone driver, delivering Cirrus Logic’s patented ambient noise cancellation. The WM2002 supports analog playback or voice input, and analog microphones for noise cancellation. Designed for incorporation within a stand-alone headset or headphone, the Cirrus Logic ANC noise cancellation engine performs ambient noise cancellation during a voice call or during music playback. The WM2002 provides integrated power management, comprising a DC-DC converter, charge pump and LDO regulators. Different power supply configurations can be supported, including operation from a single cell AAA or AA battery, and other configurations using externally regulated supplies. System clocking is achieved using a crystal-controlled on-chip oscillator. An external clock can be connected directly, if available. The WM2002 is configured using programmable settings stored in an integrated non-volatile memory. The configuration stored in the OTP memory is enabled automatically at start-up. If required, the WM2002 can also be configured using register control accessed using a two-wire serial control interface.



  • Cirrus Logic Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
    • >30 dB (peak), 25 dB (typical) ambient noise reduction*
    • Wide noise cancellation bandwidth (40Hz to 4kHz)*
    • Up to 3 banks of ANC coefficients can be programmed to support different operating conditions
  • Audio inputs
    • Up to 10 analog noise cancellation microphones
    • 2 single-ended or 1 differential line input per channel
  • Headphone driver (LDO4VOUT = 1.8V)
    • 45mW per channel into 16Ω load
    • 22mW per channel into 32Ω load
    • Single-ended or differential (BTL) drive configuration
    • -82 dB THD+N for differential (BTL) drive
  • Integration
    • On-chip DC-DC boost converter, charge-pump and LDOs
    • Flexible power supply options, including single cell battery (1 x AAA battery)
    • Internal crystal oscillator
  • Miscellaneous
    • Monitor pin to select mute / talk-through modes
    • LED driver
    • Tone generator for audible status indication
    • Pop and click noise protection circuit
    • RFI suppression
    • 48-pin QFN package (7 x 7 x 0.75mm, 0.5mm pitch)

Parametric Specifications

Output Channels 2x Single-ended or Differential
SNR/THD+N (dB) 92 / -80 (ANC Off);
83 / -81 (ANC On)
Power Supply 0.9 to 1.6 (1.5 V AAA battery using internal boost);
2 to 3.3 (2.5 V direct supply)
Ambient Noise Reduction (dB) <30
Noise Cancellation Bandwidth (Hz) 40 to 4,000
Input Single-ended
Key Features Low power, stereo headphone driver with ambient noise cancellation
Package 48 QFN

Technical Documents

WM2002 Product Brief

Sep 1, 2013, Rev 4.1 : 333 Kb


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