CobraNet Evaluation Kit

CobraNet® technology has established itself as the product of choice for multi-vendor networked audio. The EV-2 provides a means of easily evaluating CM-2 CobraNet modules. It also provides an example CobraNet interface and can be used as a development platform for CobraNet products. The EV-2 comes standard with CM-2 modules but will work equally well with CM-1 modules if needed. The EV-2 Evaluation/Developers kit is available for purchase, after entering into a CobraNet nondisclosure agreement. For additional information on how to obtain the EV-2 kit or CobraNet licensing information, please contact your local Cirrus Logic sales representative. The EV-2 evaluation/developers kit includes two EV-2 boards, one Ethernet cross-over cable, two CM-2 CobraNet modules and one software CD.


  • 2-channel input converted to 16, 20 or 24-bit data at 48 or 96 kHz sample rates
  • 2-channel 48 or 96 kHz digital audio converted to analog audio output
  • AES3 input and output streams
  • supplied EV-2 software allows firmware reprogramming
  • two RS232 interfaces
    • direct to CM-2 module and direct to microcontroller
  • microcontroller
    • 64 KB on-chip Flash program memory
    • 1 KB RAM
    • in-system programmability
  • route analog and digital audio to/from the CM-2 as well as within the EV-2
  • configurable sine wave test tones for alternate audio test source
  • hex switches for setting location ID of the CM-2 and user development
  • 3 indicators are supplied for user development

Parametric Specifications

Description CobraNet Development Platform
Ethernet IP 100BASE-Tx, 100 Mbps, full duplex Ethernet, fully compliant with IEEE 802.3u
Features Quad Synchronous, Capable of supplying 8 or 16 channels at 48 and/or up to 96 kHz sample rates
Low Latency Selectable 1.33, 2.66 or 5.33 ms across network

Technical Documents

CobraNet Networked Digital Audio Technology

May 30, 2006, 0173-0506-PB : 786 Kb

CobraNet Programmer's Reference Manual

Feb 16, 2006, DS651PM25 : 873 Kb

EV-2 Development System Manual

Sep 14, 2005, EV-2MAN21 : 422 Kb

EV-2 Product Bulletin

Oct 6, 2004, 0089-1004-PB-LP : 900 Kb


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