DSP Conductor™ Development Software

The DSP Conductor software is a comprehensive development kit expressly developed to support the CS4961xx family of CobraNet + DSP devices. Its easy-to-use graphical interface speeds time to market and lowers system costs by greatly simplifying all aspects of the development process, from design to test. Just drag and drop to create sophisticated, full-featured, CobraNet-enabled DSP systems with greater efficiency and much lower development cost. The DSP Conductor tool targets CobraNet’s new CS4961xx IC, which provides a unique combination of CobraNet digital audio networking over Ethernet and a high-performance, 32-bit, fixed-point audio DSP from Cirrus Logic. Running on any Windows XP-based PC, DSP Conductor software communicates with the CS4961xx via the standard CobraNet Ethernet interface. Audio processing paths are created using DSP function blocks known as elements (algorithms) which can have inputs, outputs, controls and indicators. A comprehensive library of these elements comes included with DSP Conductor software to enable complete system designs. The included audio elements are graphically “wired” together on the software tool’s palette screen to create audio signal processing paths. The elements can be combined in a variety of ways to create unique audio processing solutions and can also be adjusted in real time to produce high-quality audio system solutions.

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  • Distributed audio processing solutions become a reality using DSP Conductor software
  • Reduces time-to-market for complex audio processing solutions
  • Enables complete audio system design for the CobraNet® CS4961xx
  • Easy-to-use graphically oriented interface to speed implementation
  • Fast “drag-and-drop” creation of audio processing and signal paths
  • Comprehensive library of DSP functions allow complex audio system design
  • Graphic-based controls enable real-time adjustments to audio processing system
  • Signal path integrity automatically verified with the click of a button
  • DSP resource usage automatically calculated with the click of a button
  • Final DSP code is loaded directly to the CS4961xx (upon registering the development platform and receiving a security ‘key’)

Parametric Specifications

Not Recommended for New Designs


Comprehensive Solutions