24-bit, 96 kHz Sample-Rate Converter and Transceiver

The CS8420 is a stereo, digital audio sample-rate converter with AES3 type and serial digital audio inputs and AES3 type and serial digital audio outputs, along with comprehensive control via a 4-wire microcontroller port. Channel status and user data can be assembled in block-sized buffers, making read/modify/write cycles easy. Digital audio inputs and outputs may be 24-, 20- or 16-bits. The input data can be completely asynchronous to the output data with the output data synchronous to an external system clock. Target applications include mixing consoles, digital audio transmission equipment, high-quality digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, effects processors and automotive audio systems.


  • Complete IEC-60958, AES3, S/PDIF and EIAJ CP1201 transceiver with asynchronous sample rate converter; compatible with standards
  • Flexible 3-wire serial digital I/O ports
  • 8 kHz to 108 kHz sample-rate range
  • 1:3 and 3:1 maximum input to output sample-rate ratio
  • 128 dB dynamic range
  • -117 dB THD+N at 1 kHz
  • Excellent performance at almost a 1:1 ratio
  • Excellent clock-jitter rejection
  • 24-bit I/O words
  • Pin and microcontroller read/write access to channel status and user data
  • Microcontroller and standalone mode
  • Package: 28-pin SOIC; lead-free assembly
  • Consumer and automotive D-grade availability

Parametric Specifications

Sample Rate (kHz) 8-108
IEC-60958, AES-3, S/PDIF TX Outputs 1
IEC-60958, AES-3, S/PDIF RX Inputs 1
On-Chip Line Driver true
On-Chip SRC true
Host Interface true
Analog Power Supply (V) 5
Digital Power Supply (V) 5
Logic Power Supply (V) 5
Package 28 SOIC


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