Low Power, 16/20-Bit A/D Converters

The CS5505/06/07/08 family of low power CMOS analog-to-digital (A/D) converters are ideal for measuring low-frequency signals representing physical, chemical, and biological processes. The CS5507/08 family members have single-channel differential analog and reference inputs, and the CS5505/06 members have four pseudo-differential analog input channels. The CS5505/07 family provides a 16-bit output word. The CS5506/08 provides a 20-bit output word. The CS5505/06/07/08 family samples upon command up to 100 output updates per second. The on-chip digital filter offers superior line rejection at 50 Hz and 60 Hz when the device is operated from a 32.768 kHz clock (output word rate = 20 Hz). The CS5505/06/07/08 family includes on-chip, self-calibration circuitry, which can be initiated at any time or temperature to ensure minimum offset and full-scale errors. The CS5505/06/07/08 family’s serial port offers two general-purpose modes for the direct interface to shift registers or synchronous serial ports of industry-standard microcontrollers.


  • Low power consumption
    • Single-supply +5 V operation: 1.7 mW
    • Dual-supply ±5 V operation: 3.2 mW
  • Offers superior performance to voltage-to-frequency converters and multislope integrating A/D converters
  • Differential inputs
    • Single-channel (CS5507/08) and 4-channel (CS5505/06) pseudo-differential versions
  • Either 3.3 V or 5 V digital interface
  • Linearity error
    • ±0.0015% FS (16-bit CS5505/07)
    • ±0.0007% FS (20-bit CS5506/08)
  • Output update rates up to 100/second
  • Flexible serial port
  • Pin-selectable unipolar/bipolar ranges
  • Package: 20/24-pin SOIC; lead free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Resolution (bits) 16 (CS5505)
20 (CS5506)
16 (CS5507)
20 (CS5508)
Throughput (Sps) 20-100
Integral Linearity (%FS) 0.0015 (CS5505)
0.0007 (CS5506)
0.0015 (CS5507)
0.0007 (CS5508)
Differential Linearity (±LSB) 0.25 (CS5505)
NMC (CS5506)
0.25 (CS5507)
NMC (CS5508)
Channels 4 (CS5505)
4 (CS5506)
1 (CS5507)
1 (CS5508)
Power Consumption (mW) 3.2
Package 24 SOIC (CS5505)
24 SOIC (CS5506)
20 SOIC (CS5507)
20 SOIC (CS5508)


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