24-Bit Geophysical, Dual-Channel Delta Sigma Modulator

The CS5372A is a dual-channel, high dynamic range, fourth-order Delta Sigma modulator intended for geophysical and sonar applications. Used in combination with the CS5376A digital filter, a unique high-resolution analog-to-digital measurement system results. The CS5372A provides higher dynamic range and lower total harmonic distortion than our industry standard CS5321 modulator, while consuming significantly less power per channel. The modulator generates an oversampled serial bit-stream at 512 K bits per second when operated from a clock frequency of 2.048 MHz. The CS5372A is available in a small, 24-pin SSOP package, providing exceptional performance in a very small footprint. In normal mode, power consumption is 25 mW per channel, in sleep mode power consumption is 1 mW per channel and by halting the input clock to the modulators the device enters a power-down mode of only 10 µW per channel.


  • 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion
  • Fourth-order Delta Sigma architecture
  • Clock-jitter-tolerant architecture
  • Input voltage range 5 Vp-p differential
  • High dynamic range (signal-to-noise ratio)
    • 127 dB at 215 Hz bandwidth (2 ms sampling)
    • 124 dB at 430 Hz bandwidth (1 ms sampling)
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
    • -118 dB THD typical
    • -112 dB THD max
  • Dual power supply configuration
    • VA+ = 2.5 V; VA- = -2.5 V; VD = 3.3 V
  • Low-power consumption
    • Normal mode: 25 mW per channel
    • Sleep mode: 1 mW
    • Power-down mode: 10 µW
  • Package: 24-pin SSOP; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Resolution (bits) 24
Dynamic Range (dB) 124
THD (dB) -118
Power Consumption Per Channel (mW) 25
Signal Range (Vp-p diff) 5
Package 24 SSOP

Technical Documents

CS5371A/72A Product Data Sheet

Oct 18, 2010, DS748F3 : 292 Kb

CS5371/72 Product Data Sheet

Oct 11, 2005, DS255F3 : 329 Kb

Errata: CS5371/72

Sep 29, 2005, ER255D2 : 49 Kb


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