Multi-Mic, Far-Field Voice Processor Featuring Voice Control and Communications up to 6+ Meters

The CS48LV41F is a complete far-field voice solution that delivers accurate, low power triggering and high quality two-way voice communications for distances up to six meters. This high performance voice processor features improved ASR (automatic speech recognition) through sophisticated, patented, far-field spatial processing techniques, and it supports multi-channel echo cancellation, barge-in and full-duplex voice calling. With high flexibility in the mic array configuration and the placement of up to four microphones, the solution provides better WW (wake word) and RAR (response accuracy rate) performance, as well as de-reverberation and noise reduction processing to enhance the performance of speech recognition engines in high noise and high reverb environments. For mid-field voice capture devices, or lower cost applications that do not have the same stringent performance requirements as high end systems, the CS48LV41F is scalable to three or two microphones.The CS48LV41F is configurable for low power mode to achieve an ideal balance of power and performance with reliable voice wake-up. Combined with its 360-degree voice pick-up, this device is well suited for wall powered devices, as well as portable battery powered devices that require low power AoV (always-on voice). Mounting positions include table-top, desk, wall, ceiling, or just about anywhere a far-field voice enabled product might be located.Offered in a 98-ball WLCSP package with a very small footprint (5.2 mm x 3.2 mm x 0.5 mm), the CS48LV41F is cloud agnostic and compliant with Amazon AVS, Google and other popular cloud based assistants. Voice calling is Skype/Lync tested for far-field conference phones. Visual indicators are supported including trigger word detection and DOA (direction of arrival). The product is supported by tuning and diagnostic tools, reference designs and world-wide technical support to insure fast time-to-market and cloud compliant testing that enables customers to achieve the best voice control and voice calling performance in smart home applications.



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  • 6 meter far-field performance
  • 360° voice pick up, any angle and azimuth
  • 4-microphones (scalable to 3 or 2 for low cost applications)
  • Flexible mic array for unique industrial designs
  • Supports desktop, tabletop, wall, or ceiling devices
  • Low power “always-on” voice triggering and command recognition
    • <5 mW
    • Local triggering or AP based trigger
    • Cloud agnostic, supports all trigger and all ASR engines
  • Three full-digital audio interfaces
    • Standard sample rates 8 to 192 kHz
    • TDM and I2S support on all AIFs
  • Compact 98-ball WLCSP package (5.2mm x 3.2mm x 0.5mm)

Parametric Specifications

Audio Serial Ports 4
Digital PDM Input Channels 8
Sample Rate up to 384 kHz
Idle Power Consumption (mW) <8
I/O Voltage 0.9 V;
1.8 V
Package 98-ball WLCSP
Pitch (mm) 0.4


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