Boosted Class D Amplifier

The CS35L33 is an 8 V Class D speaker amplifier that integrates a specially designed wide bandwidth boost converter with a digital input, closed loop hybrid Class D amplifier. To aid in the generation of speaker linearization and protection algorithms, the amplifier’s output voltage and current are monitored in real time and can be transmitted to an external DSP via the audio/data serial port (ADSP). For easy system integration, the CS35L33 is highly programmable via a fully functional I²C control port.

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Audio Amplifiers

Product Category

Mobile Audio Devices


  • Digital input via multi-bit Delta Sigma mono DAC or advanced Delta Sigma closed-loop architecture
  • Programmable boost voltages up to 8 V, integrated boost and commutation FETs, high bandwidth allows Class H tracking of audio signal
  • VP and VBST supply voltage monitoring and reporting, amplifier output voltage monitoring
  • Master clock (MCLK) and external “keep alive” watchdog, IC over-temperature foldback and protection
  • Dual-mode audio/data serial port
  • I²C control port
  • 42-ball WLCSP package

Parametric Specifications

Description Boosted Class D Amp
Vout(V)-Max 8
Output Power (W) @1% THD+N, into 8 ohm 3.5
Boost Class H
Channels Mono
Inputs I²S;
Supply (V) 3-5.5
Idle Power Consumption (mW) 16.2-263
Idle Noise (uV) 105
Size (mm²) 10.12
Package 42 WLCSP
Pitch (mm) 0.561



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