Ultra Low Noise Operational Amplifier

The CS3002 operational amplifiers are designed to achieve optimum performance while reducing component count and bill of materials (BOM) costs. This innovative dual op amp family builds on Cirrus Logic’s patented Multipath™ amplifier technology to deliver both low noise and low drift. System noise is reduced by 10x and system drift by 4x compared to competing components. These devices provide excellent CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) and PSRR (power-supply rejection ratio) and a common mode input range that includes the negative supply rail. Delivering excellent offset stability, very high open-loop gain and low noise below 1 kHz, performance is maintained over time and temperature. The CS3002 consumes 3.6 mA while providing 125 nVP-P noise performance. Applications for these innovative op amps include process control, medical and test equipment, temperature measurement and weigh scale applications.

Innovation that Rocks® Cirrus RocksTM Cirrus®


  • Low offset: 10 µV max
  • Low drift: 0.05 µV/°C max
  • Low noise (1/f corner at 0.08 Hz)
    • 6 nV/√Hz @ 0.5 Hz
    • 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz = 125 nVP-P
  • Open-loop voltage gain
    • 300 dB (typical)
    • 200 dB (minimum)
  • Rail-to-Rail™ output swing
  • Slew rate: 5 V/µS
  • Power rating: 3.6 mA
  • Package: 8-pin SOIC; lead-free assembly

Parametric Specifications

Device Dual
VOS (µV) 10
VOS Drift (µV/°C) 0.05
eNOISE (nV/√Hz) 6
AOL min (dB) 200
Package 8 SOIC


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