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Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliance

Cirrus Logic is actively committed to our role in protecting the environment by reducing the amount of hazardous substances in our products. As a member of JEDEC, the semiconductor standardization body of the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA), Cirrus Logic is working with customers and suppliers to comply with industry standards.

  • The European Union has enacted legislation (Directive 2002/95/EC) effective July 1st, 2006 that restricts the use of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Poly-Brominated Bi-Phenyls (PBB), and Poly-Brominated Di-Phenyl Ethers (PBDE) in a wide variety of electronic products and applications that are put on the market in EU member countries. Its replacement, Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS-II) entered into force in 2011.
  • Cirrus Logic offers Pb-free product versions which fully meet the definition of RoHS compliance:

    Restricted substances are not intentionally added to the product

    The presence of any of the restricted substances does not exceed the maximum stated concentration per homogeneous material as defined by the RoHS directive and shown in the following table:
SubstanceLimit per
Homogeneous Material
Cadmium  100 ppm
Lead1000 ppm
Mercury1000 ppm
Hexavalent Chromium1000 ppm
Poly-brominated Bi-Phenyls1000 ppm
Poly-brominated Di-Phenyl Ethers1000 ppm

Pb-Free / RoHS Compliant Standards

RoHS Certificate of Compliance

Pb-free / RoHS Compliant Part Numbering and Identification

  • Pb-free / RoHS compliant products will have a “Z” suffix added after the package designator in the marketing part number.
  • Example:  
    Standard VersionPb-free Version
  • The request for Pb-free / RoHS compliant product must be specified by part number in the written purchase order prepared by the customer.

Pb-free Component Marking

  • The Pb-free “Z” designator character will be marked on the package body per the specified mark format.

Outer Packaging / Shipping Carton Marking

  • All containers, invoices, and labels will be marked with the Pb-free part number with the “Z” designator character.
  • Pb-free alloy category per JEDEC standard JESD97 has been added to Cirrus Logic standard labels. Pb-free product labels will be populated with the appropriate value (e1 – e7) per this specification. Non Pb-free product labels will display “N/A” in this field.
  • A separate RoHS compliance label will be displayed on the inner shipping carton, moisture barrier bag and reel for all RoHS compliant products.
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