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Product Grades

Quality Service ProvidedCommercial
(C / K)
(B / I)
(D / E)
DPPM Objective<50 ppm<50 ppm0 ppm
PPAP Documentationn/an/aYes
JESD 46 Change Control ManagementBasicBasicExpanded
Cirrus Std JESD Based "Stress Test Qualification"YesYesNo
AEC-Q100 Compliant "Stress Test Qualification"NoNoYes
Committed Timeframe for FA report completionNoNoYes
Temperature Range0 to 70°C-40 to 85°CD -40 to 85°C
E -40 to 105°C
Upon Receipt of a Failure Analysis Return:   
Production re-testing to confirm reported failuresYesYesYes
Determine root cause by Signature AnalysisYesYesLimited
Use of Floor Vision® tool for process trend analysis *LimitedLimitedYes
Bench testing to characterize failureLimitedLimitedYes
Lab Failure Analysis of confirmed failuresLimitedLimitedYes
Fabrication process analysis to determine root causeLimitedLimitedYes
Implement corrective action to drive DPPM goalsLimitedLimitedYes

* Floor Vision® implementation Jan. 01, 2008

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