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Cirrus Logic differentiates itself from other fabless IC design firms with a complete Product Analysis Laboratory. The lab has a history of successful root cause determination on one-of-a-kind units. With an experienced, multi-disciplinary analysis team using advanced toolsets, the lab offers world-class capability.

Analysis Tool/TechniqueCapability
Electrical Analysis
Real time on-line product analysis databaseTracing the history of a failure mode/mechanism to reduce analysis cycle time, recognize trends and track ongoing analyses
BGA re-ball toolsetPackage reconditioning for test capability
Open/Short/Leakage parametric testingParametric failure replication - ability to connect to all device pins over a wide range of package types
ATE testers and evaluation board setupsFunctional failure replication - analysis requires ability to fully exercise the failure mode while allowing access to device circuitry
Package X-ray to verify package integrityPackage integrity inspection
Topside Package decapsulationUnsurpassed decapsulation capability ranging from 5 pin TSSOP's to 352 BGA's while maintaining device functionality
Backside package decapsulationAccess to the die backsurface enabling through silicon analysis techniques
Near IR optimized Light Emission analysis (LEM)Near infrared offers enhanced frontside or through silicon capability for this time-saving analysis shortcut
CAD software toolsCircuit and mask layer navigation and cross-linking for debug
Focused Ion Beam (FIB)Probe access point creation and circuit modifications
Functional Micro-probingTime-consuming but at times necessary method of tracing a failure by probing through circuitry to pin point the failure
Physical Analysis
Dry and wet etch top down deprocessingCapability to choose the correct deprocessing method for the type of defect isolated by electrical analysis
Dual Beam FIBPrecision cross-sectioning and high resolution imaging
Optical inspection microscopesHigh resolution water immersion, confocal and laser scanning imaging with integrated digital image capture
Mechanical Cross-sectioningFor rapid inspection and monitoring of Fab processes
SEM/EDS imaging and X-ray elemental analysisUltra-high resolution imaging for identification of failure mechanisms at the Fab process level
Additional Analysis
JEDEC compliant ESD/Latchup testingMulti-system in-house testing for rapid design feedback and complete debug capability
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