Hardware Design and Services Vendors

The following companies are members of Cirrus Logic's ARM Third Party Network. These companies provide complete hardware and software design services to facilitate development of ARM-based products. For more detailed information about any of these companies' services or products, please visit the company Web site.

  • alt.software (www.altsoftware.com)

    alt.software logo Founded in 1994, alt.software offers professional application- and system-level software and hardware development services and products to organizations worldwide across a broad range of sectors. Our strengths are in hardware-related software engineering with expertise in 3D/2D graphics, embedded systems, games, video processing, audio, networking, mobile and wireless technologies.
  • Attero Tech (www.atterotech.com)

    Attero Tech logo

    Attero Tech is a technical services company providing complete hardware, firmware, software and system design. Our staff of experienced software and hardware professionals can help you improve a current product, or take a new idea from concept to production. Attero Tech can provide support in a specific area, or give you a complete, turn-key solution. Attero Tech has expertise in a variety of technologies and market areas:

    • System Engineering: Product specification, HW/SW/Mechanical requirements partitioning, and project planning.
    • Software Engineering: DVD audio/video systems, Telematics, and RTOS development, porting, and application.
    • Hardware Engineering: Schematic capture and PCB layout; and Digital, FPGA, microcontroller, DSP, and System-on-Chip applications.
  • Contec (www.contec.at)

    Contec logo Contec of Austria designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of Industry Automation and PLC products. Contec currently offer a full range of Single-Board-Computers based on the ARM-9 family from Cirus Logic. Operating systems available are: Std. LINUX, Contec's adaptation of "single-core" preemption Real-Time LINUX and WIN CE. Additional services offered by Contec are: Complete project management, Electronic development (HW and SW), PCB routing and layouting, Equipment manufacturing, High-Level-Assembly and QA testing. Contec are also qualified accordng to the EU ISO 13485 medical standard.
  • CTO (www.catalanadetecnologies.com)

    CTO logo

    Catalana de Tecnologies (CTO) was founded four years ago as a engineering house, joining the expertise from Joan Soler, Antonio Guerrero and Joan Gimenez. After a long senior experience in electronic application and management, we decided to set up this small workshop getting customers from many different industries. Currently CTO has customers in instrumentation, park meters, automotive, and the amusement Industry (Kiddy Riders/Video Games). Additionally, CTO provides the Galaxy single board computer as a general purpose development platform running on WinCE.

  • Cynove (www.cynove.com)

    Cynove logo Located in the heart of Paris, Cynove develops electronic solutions using the latest technology. Cynove provides design services in embedded electronics, signal processing, voice transmission, adaptive systems and video. They also have communication platforms based on the Cirrus ARM 7/9 product family.
  • DAVE (www.dave-tech.it)

    DAVE logo DAVE is a dynamic company providing solutions in the area of embedded systems. We design and produce a wide line of CPU modules that enable customers to quickly start-up their projects. We supply evaluation boards and development kits for each of the solution proposed, providing also customization, and consulting services for new platforms. DAVE currently offers single-board computers using the entire ARM9 family of products from Cirrus.
  • Dexdyne (www.dexdyne.com)

    Dexdyne logoDexdyne (Cirencester, UK) is a long-established designer of innovative single-board computers for embedded control applications. The TotalDisplay board is based on the Cirrus Logic EP9312 ARM9 processor and is now available as a development platform running either Linux or WinCE .NET. Dexdyne also provides custom design services.
  • EMAC, Inc. (www.emacinc.com)

    EMAC logo

    EMAC offers a comprehensive line of products and services that includes Single Board Computers, peripherals, custom engineering, and manufacturing. Customers with customization requirements benefit from EMAC's extensive inventory of off-the-shelf hardware and from its excellent design, development, and integration capabilities. If an off-the-shelf Single Board Computer cannot be found that meets your needs, EMAC can create a custom or semi-custom design to specifically address your requirements. Whether you purchase off-the-shelf or custom, EMAC can also provide software support with Linux, RTAI, WinCe, and .Net Micro Framework Board Support Packages (BSPs) as well as driver and application development.

  • Embedded Planet (www.embeddedplanet.com)

    Embedded Planet logo Embedded Planet was founded in 1997 and provides small, low-cost, high-quality 32-bit RISC solutions. The EP89712 from Embedded Planet supports the Cirrus Logic CS89712 ARM7 processor and provides OEM developers with a development system for both hardware and software. Complete software and turnkey design services are also available.
  • Embest Info & Tech Co., Ltd. (www.embedinfo.com)

    Embest logo

    Embest is a global provider for high-performance embedded tools. It is an ARM connected community member focused on hardware and software development for ARM embedded systems. Its main products include IDE, flash programmer, JTAG emulators, USB oscilloscope, evaluation boards, single board computer, etc. The company is also an ATC (ARM Approved Training Center) and provides training service in China and its teaching package EmbestUniversity® is popular with many universities and educational institutes worldwide. Embest also has much experience and many successful cases in complex embedded systems development in various application areas like automotive, consumer, wired and wireless networking, industrial, etc.

  • Huins (www.huins.com)

    Huins logo

    Huins, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing SoC platform, ARM9 SBC, and wireless-sensor network systems since 2001. Huins is also designing and producing boards that can be used for both OEM use and software development.

  • Impulsesoft Private Limited (www.impulsesoft.com)

    Impulsesoft Private Limited logo Impulsesoft Private Limited is a short-range wireless solutions company headquartered in Bangalore, India, with branch offices in the United States. Impulsesoft enables OEMs to deliver wireless multimedia services to personal area network devices using its standards-based systems, short-range wireless solutions and software platforms. Impulsesoft, with distributors and VARs worldwide, is an early adopter of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.
  • INCOStartec (www.incostartec.com)

    INCOStartec logo

    INCOstartec GmbH is one of the leading producing companies of innovative embedded computer systems, which are based on the technology from ARM SoC. Since 1994 we are developing CPU systems and periphery modules, which are produced in little as well as in a large number of places. The development and adaptation of BIOS, drivers, operation systems and user programs are part of the software output. The production spectrum comprises specific standard products for the form factor from PC/104, EURO-CARD AT96/ISA96, ETX, Compact-PCI and SBC in 3.5 inch, as well as specific clients applications and Panel PCs. For the processor family of ARM720T and ARM920T by Cirrus Logic, INCOstartec has developed the LILLY-9XX family of "system on module" (SoM) products. Development modules, Eval-kits and complete Panel-PCs are available for the operation systems Linux and Windows CE 5.0.

  • Infinite Data Storage (IDS) (www.infinitedatastorage.com)

    Infinite Data Storage (IDS) logo IDS is an independent ODM working to develop unique and innovative technology and product designs that have life outside the traditional PC-centric market. Designs are applicable in video, photo and audio markets as well as personal storage. The design team's expertise is in miniaturizing optical storage such that disks can be written by battery-powered devices and are able to connect to other consumer-electronic devices without the need for PCs.
  • J-Tech Engineering (www.jtecheng.com)

    J-Tech Engineering logo J-Tech Engineering specializes in embedded control and signal processing hardware design. Our customers are companies needing custom platforms on which to run their embedded software, and companies requiring specific hardware to give their products a competitive edge in their own marketplace.
  • Kurz Industrie-Elektronik (www.kurz-elektronik.de)

    Kurz Industrie-Elektronik logoFor more than 40 years Kurz Industrie-Elektronik (Stuttgart, Germany) has provided solutions for electronic devices. With our own development and production resources, we are able to offer our costumers a complete solution. Our Flexible Mainboard is such a solution, based on the Cirrus Logic EP9312.
  • Olimex Ltd. (www.olimex.com)

    Olimex logo

    Olimex Ltd. designs and manufactures low cost ARM development boards and in-circuit JTAG emulators. We can provide hardware and software custom design services and are also a complete vertical integrated manufacturer with our own PCB production and assembly units. The production and assembly facilities are closely integrated with our design department so can deliver rapid turnaround, cost effective designed-for-manufacturing solutions.

  • Signum Systems (www.signum.com)

    Signum Systems logo Signum Systems (Moorpark, California) is a leading supplier of software and hardware development tools for the U.S. embedded marketplace and over the last 23 years has developed a full line of emulation and debugging products. Signum supplies JTAG-based emulators, in-circuit emulators (ICE), debuggers and C compilers to developers of microcontroller, microprocessor, RISC, DSP and SoC-based applications.
  • Simtec Electronics (www.simtec.co.uk)

    Simtec Electronics logo Simtec Electronics specializes in ARM processor designs and offers evaluation boards complete with Linux distributions. Simtec also provides custom hardware designs and a full range of software services, from device drivers to complete Debian GNU/Linux porting. Prototyping and small- to medium-volume manufacturing facilities are available.
  • Sophia Systems (www.sophia.com)

    Sophia Systems logo Sophia Systems has been a leader in the embedded systems industry for more than 25 years. Sophia sells, supports and manufactures high-performance in-circuit emulators, software debugging tools and evaluation boards. Sophia works very closely with the strongest companies in the development industry and continuously strives to form new partnerships with other technology leaders. In addition, the company also provides software and hardware design services for the Cirrus ARM embedded processors.
  • Techsol (Technical Solutions Inc.) (www.techsol.bc.ca)

    Techsol (Technical Solutions Inc.) logo Techsol is a world leader in Linux on ARM technology. Leverage our off-the-shelf Medallion computer modules and development kits to accelerate your development projects. Whether you just need a Computer-on-Module for your own semi-custom design, or you need a turnkey solution, Techsol's focused hardware and software expertise plus superb support get you to market faster.
  • TERTIUM Technology (www.tertiumtechnology.com)

    TERTIUM logo TERTIUM Technology designs and produces customer solutions for the embedded systems marketplace. The company is focused on human/machine interfaces and scientific instrumentation, based on 8 and 32-bit microcontrollers. TERTIUM currently offers a single-board computer based on the EP9312.
  • Tier One (www.tieronedesign.com)

    Tier One logo

    Tier One provides product development services for embedded and specialty electronics and software needs. Tier One’s engineering consulting skills and embedded system design experience across a variety of projects makes the difference for our customers located throughout the United States and across many economic sectors. Tier One combines hardware and low level software development in the same firm, thus eliminating the traditional delays associated with finger-pointing and “over the wall” handoffs. Beginning with specification development, Tier One provides all design services required to prepare electronics for manufacturing, including:

    • System Architecture Development
    • Physical design
    • Prototype assembly
    • Debug and testing
    • Certification
    • Release

    Tier One customers are found across all major sectors of the economy, including Commercial, Industrial, Consumer, Military and Medical.

  • Videon Central (www.videon-central.com)

    Videon Central logo Videon Central is a world-class provider of state-of-the-art digital video, digital audio and embedded processor applications. The company leverages Cirrus Logic silicon to rapidly affirm the requirements of a diverse customer base. The partnership between Cirrus and Videon ensures customers can advance their product release date and minimize development time.

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