SoundClear® Technology

SoundClear Video

Cirrus Logic recognizes the importance of elevating the sound clarity of the consumer mobile audio experience. SoundClear products are designed to be flexible and robust to improve voice quality and speech recognition performance by eliminating noise through advanced processing features including noise reduction, ASR Enhance™ and echo cancellation.

The technology of SoundClear utilizes patented intelligent speech tracking and adaptive processing to exploit speech patterns and environmental conditions. The result is self-adjusting algorithms that emphasize voice quality whether in a quiet room or the noisiest vehicle. The SoundClear algorithms deliver consistent audio performance with auto microphone calibration, automatic level control, and automatic volume control.

  • 2 - Mic, 1 - Mic, Wide Band HD and Narrow Band Solutions
  • InstantAdapt™ for Changing Noise Environments
  • ASSIST™ (Audio Scene Sensing and Intelligent Sound Tracking) Noise Elimination
  • Precise Detection of Voice, Noise and Wind
  • AEC and NLP for Echo-Free Full Duplex Operation
  • Automatic Volume Control, Level Control and Mic Calibration
  • Spectrally Matched Comfort Noise for Natural Conversation
Multi-Mic Processing
Noise Reduction
Acoustic Echo Canceller Residual Echo Suppressor
Spectrally Matched Comfort Noise
FlexEQ™ Dynamic Parametric EQ
Full-Duplex Control + Activity Detection + Double Talk Detection + Wind Noise Detection
Comfort Noise
Automatic Volume Control Automatic Level Control
FlexEQ™ Dynamic Parametric EQ
Noise Reduction


Tuning and Optimization

Cirrus Logic offers RAPID2 (Real-time Audio Perfection and Integration Diagnostics), a PC-based tool that allows developers to easily monitor and tune programmable parameters in real-time via a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Fast and easy tuning
  • Intuitive block diagram view
  • Real-time control and diagnostics
  • System-level measurements and statistics

Comprehensive Support

Experienced software, hardware, system and audio engineers utilize state-of-the-art audio equipment to assist with individual customer projects. These audio support services include test and measurement, electrical analysis, mechanical analysis and recommendations on transducers and plastics. Applications engineers prepare comprehensive reports citing the acoustic analysis results and detailed recommendations to help customers drive products to market quickly while achieving the highest quality audio performance and network compliance.

Platform Support

ARM – Cirrus Logic is a member of the ARM® Connected Community, the industry's largest ecosystem of ARM technology-based products and services. The ARM Connected Community is a global network of companies aligned to provide a complete solution, from design to manufacture and end use, for products based on the ARM architecture.

CSR – Cirrus Logic is a member of the CSR eXtension Partner Program and offers SoundClear single microphone and multi-mic solutions for the BC5, 8670 and SiRF processors. eXtension is an open DSP (Digital Signal Processor) developers program whereby CSR provides pre-verified and easy-to-use software and tools for BlueCore Multimedia DSP-based products. The eXtension Partner Program brings a whole new range of software processing enhancements that CSRs BlueCore Multimedia ICs are able to support, thanks to their embedded DSPs.


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