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SoundClear Sense

SoundClear® Sense takes sensor fusion to another level by fusing classical and next-generation functions – sensor aggregation, auto calibration, 9-axis motion, gesture recognition and pedestrian dead reckoning – with voice, audio and ultrasonic information to enable unparalleled functionality and performance. Leveraging its expertise in mixed signal interfaces, ultra low power digital signal processing and audio algorithms, Cirrus Logic is developing specific hardware and enabling a wide range of sensor fusion algorithms for extracting useful data from low-cost sensors (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer and more) found in mobile devices. This data, when combined with data extracted from microphones and processed using SoundClear algorithms, is used for high resolution, highly accurate context aware use case support such as environment recognition, indoor positioning and more.



  • Low Power Sensor Aggregation and Fusion
  • Noise Classification
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Context Awareness
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