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CS8415ANot Recommended for New Designs
Recommended for New Designs: WM8805

96 kHz Digital Audio Interface Receiver

The CS8415A is a monolithic CMOS device that receives and decodes one of seven channels of audio data according to the IEC-60958, S/PDIF, EIAJ CP1201, or AES3 standard. The CS8415A has a serial, digital audio output port and comprehensive control through a 4-wire microcontroller port. Channel status and user data are assembled in block-sized buffers, making read access easy.

A low-jitter clock recovery mechanism yields a very clean recovered clock from the incoming AES3 stream.

Standalone operation allows systems with no microcontroller to operate the CS8415A with dedicated output pins for channel status data.

Target applications include audio/video receivers, CD-R, DVD receivers, multimedia speakers, digital mixing consoles, effects processors, set-top boxes, computers, and automotive audio systems.


  • Complete EIAJ CP1201, IEC-60958, AES3, and S/PDIF compatible receiver
  • 7:1 S/PDIF input mux
  • Flexible 3-wire, serial digital output port
  • 8 kHz to 96 kHz sample frequency range
  • Low-jitter clock recovery
  • Pin and microcontroller read access to channel status and user data
  • Microcontroller and standalone modes
  • Differential cable receiver
  • On-chip channel status and user data buffer memories
  • Autodetection of compressed audio input streams
  • Decodes CD Q subcode
  • OMCK system clock mode
  • 5 V analog supply (VA)
  • 3 V to 5 V digital interface supply (VL)
  • Package: 28-pin SOIC, 28-pin TSSOP; option for lead-free assembly

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CS8415A Not Recommended for New DesignsRecommended for New Designs: WM8805
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