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“Cirrus rocks because of the people who work here. My co-workers are smart and ready to defuse a particularly challenging day with laughs and good work ethic. I also appreciate the honesty and clear, well-reasoned vision of Cirrus’ future from our leadership group.”
— Chin Y.

“At Cirrus Logic, it’s not like the movie, Groundhog Day, where every day is the same. Even for someone like me, an accountant. But, it’s not like Law & Order, either, where things move fast and it all wraps up in an hour. Rather, it’s a process. A fast-paced process, at times. But, one with a lot of adjustments and constant tweaking. Learning from mistakes. Moving forward. Sometimes in great leaps, but mostly gradually. Trying to continuously improve. So that we make better decisions. Make better products. And, make a better company.”
— Ky C.

“What really distinguishes Cirrus is its determined and continuous effort to develop an office environment and culture that encourages innovation in developing and applying leading-edge technologies to fast-paced projects. We develop optimal solutions for brand-name, market leading customers and have a lot of fun doing so.”
— Mark B.

“The people are great, the work is always interesting, and the technology is leading edge. The excellent work everybody does here is mixed with the fun of doing it, and each day ends with the fulfillment of having personally made a positive impact on some of the best customers and products in the world.”
— Chad H.

“Worked hard with the team on a product launch for an awesome Digital PFC chip that will make the earth a greener place. Spent my vacation at the World Cup in South Africa to watch the greatest spectacle on earth! Life is good! Living the dream!”
— Anwar “Mo” A.

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