Consumer Audio
From audio converters, interface products, amplifiers, audio DSPs and more, Cirrus Logic provides the industry’s most wide-reaching variety of audio chips to complete any consumer audio application from start to finish.

Digital Set-Top Box

Performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness define Cirrus Logic’s mixed signal audio ICs for set-top box applications.

Digital TV Audio

Highlighted by a cost-optimized audio DSP family, Cirrus Logic provides an enhanced variety of audio ICs for digital televisions, including clock circuits/clock timing, audio codec, and Class D digital amplifiers.

Home Theater-in-a-Box

Highlighted by the CS497024 audio DSP, Cirrus Logic provides ready-made solutions for HTIB/Blu-ray Disc receivers include an a/d converter (ADC), clock circuits / clock timing ICs, interface products such as SPDIF transceiver and audio digital/analog converters (DACs).


Cirrus Logic’s reference design for soundbar applications has been instrumental in the rise of the soundbar market.

Wireless Speakers

Cirrus Logic offers a comprehensive sound enhancement solution for portable speakerphones ranging from mono/voice only applications to premium stereo entertainment systems.

A/V Receiver

Highlighted by the CS497024 audio DSP (for high-definition AVRs) and a complete library of software algorithms and user-friendly tools, Cirrus Logic provides tailor-made products for audio/video receivers (AVRs).

Docking Station/Desktop Media Speaker

Superior digital audio amplification, such as the CS4525 Class D audio amplifier, is the key to a great sounding docking station.

Sound Projector

Cirrus Logic’s development board for 8 up to 16 transducer sound projector applications enables the ODM to have a solid electrical, firmware and microcontroller code design starting point.

Wireless Headphones

Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear® technology for wireless enabled headphone applications delivers clear, reliable and consistent audio performance making it possible to enjoy calls regardless of the talking environment.

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