Infotainment System

For “infotainment” applications, Cirrus Logic provides a full line of audio ICs — including audio DSPs, multichannel audio codecs, receiver chips, and sample rate converters — to provide superior audio quality and ease of design to get to market quickly.

  • High performance, low cost DSP
  • Comprehensive audio algorithms from third party and Cirrus Logic royalty free
  • DSP Composer™ — Easy to use graphical interface firmware programming
  • Complete solution — audio DSP and mixed-signal ICs; Variable audio performance selections

Audio DSP

Supported Products
  • CS48560 Recommended
    High-Performance, Low Cost 32-Bit Audio Processor
  • CS495314
    Multi-Standard 32-Bit Audio Decoder and Programmable DSPs

Multi-channel Audio Codec

Supported Products
  • CS4244
    4-in/4-out Audio Codec with PCM and TDM Interfaces
  • CS42448
    108 dB, 192 kHz 6-in, 8-out Multi-Channel Codec
  • CS42888
    108 dB, 192 kHz 4-in, 8-out Multi-Channel Codec

Audio Receiver and Sample Rate Converter

Supported Products
  • CS8422
    24-bit, 192 kHz, Asynchronous Stereo Sample-Rate Converter

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