Digital Power Factor Correction

Our digital Power Factor Correction (PFC) controllers exceed the performance of legacy analog products with a competitive system price point for high volume, cost sensitive applications. These controllers support applications such as DTVs, PCs, Notebooks, fluorescent and LED lighting systems, and many other AC/DC products. These controllers simplify system designs by reducing external component count by up to 30%, leading to smaller form factors. They also offer superior performance and efficiency across all load conditions, with a distinct advantage in light load conditions.

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Digital TV
  • Notebook Adapters
  • Desktop
  • Servers/Telecom

  • Excellent Efficiency, THD and PF across all load conditions
  • Internal Feedback Compensation
  • Frequency Spreading
  • Small boost inductor with fewer external components needed

Power Factor Correction

Supported Products

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