Land Exploration Single-S

Cirrus Logic provides a geophone amplifier base Single-S™ solution, continuing the Cirrus chipset legacy for best-in-class land data acquisition products. When combined, the CS5373A and the CS5378 produce a compact high-resolution, self-testing, analog-to-digital measurement system that is ideal for single-sensor land seismic and geophysical applications. Based on Cirrus Logic’s patented Multipath™ amplifier architecture, this powerful geophone amplifier provides unrivaled noise and drift performance. This highly integrated chipset is engineered and field proven for precise low frequency, high dynamic range measurements required in land seismic data acquisition.

  • Low noise differential geophone amplifier with programmable gains
  • High-performance Delta Sigma modulator with integrated test DAC designed for autonomous nodal seismic data acquisition
  • Multifunction digital filter with integrated Peripherals to Simplify System Design
  • Selectable or programmable digital FIR and IIR filter coefficients
  • Low-power, highly integrated single-channel solution

Geophone Amplifier

Supported Products
  • CS3301A
    Geophone Low Noise, Programmable Gain Differential Amplifier

Delta-Sigma Modulator with Test DAC

Supported Products
  • CS5373A
    Low-power, High-performance Delta-Sigma Modulator with Test DAC

Digital Filter with PLL

Supported Products
  • CS5378
    Highly Integrated, Multi-Function Decimation Filter with PLL

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