Digital TV Audio

Highlighted by a cost-optimized audio DSP family, Cirrus Logic provides an enhanced variety of audio ICs for digital televisions, including clock circuits/clock timing, audio codec, and Class D digital amplifiers. The Cirrus Logic chips focus on delivering superior audio quality to help designers maximize the audio experience for consumers.

  • Multiple DSP offerings from a single-chip high definition audio decoder and post processor, integrated Audio SOC combining high performance DSP and mixed signal content, from “simple” to advanced audio DSPs.
  • Best-in-class audio converters for high performance audio.
  • Extensive portfolio of devices that can be mixed and matched to meet both cost and performance targets.
  • Extensive library of in-house and third-party DSP algorithm offerings to provide product differentiation.
  • Cirrus Logic world class and worldwide technical support from concept to product and beyond.


Supported Products
  • CS485xx
    High-Performance, Low Cost 32-Bit Audio Processor


Supported Products
  • CS2000
    Clock Generation and Multiplication/Jitter Reduction Solution

Audio Codec

Supported Products
  • CS4244
    4-in/4-out Audio Codec with PCM and TDM Interfaces

Audio Amplifier

Supported Products
  • CS4525
    30 W Digital Audio Amplifier with Integrated ADC

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