Marine Exploration Total-S

Cirrus Logic provides a market leading Total-S™ solution, continuing the company’s legacy for high-performance multi-sensor chipsets for marine seismic and geophysical measurements. The hydrophone based Total-S solution has very high dynamic range combined with low total harmonic distortion and low power consumption. This field proven, time tested Total-S solution is a self-testing analog-to-digital measurement system. The highly integrated chipset is engineered for precise low frequency, high dynamic range measurements ideal for 3D and 4D seismic surveys.

Marine Exploration Total-S

  • High input impedance differential hydrophone amplifier with excellent noise performance
  • Fourth-order Delta Sigma modulator with a signal bandwidth from DC to 2 kHz
  • Multifunction, multichannel digital filter
  • High-performance Delta Sigma DAC for testing seismic data acquisition systems
  • Low-power, small footprint four-channel solution

Hydrophone Amplifier

Supported Products
  • CS3302A
    Hydrophone Low Noise, Programmable Gain Differential Amplifier

Delta-Sigma Modulator

Supported Products
  • CS5372A
    24-Bit Geophysical, Dual-Channel Delta-Sigma Modulator

Test DAC

Supported Products
  • CS4373A
    Low-Power, High-Performance, 24-Bit Delta-Sigma Test D/A Converter

Digital Filter

Supported Products
  • CS5376A
    Highly Integrated, Multi-Function 4-Channel Decimation Filter

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