MID PCM Tablet

With longer battery life, smaller form factor and superior audio performance in mind, Cirrus Logic’s mobile computing portfolio covers both Intel and ARM-based systems with the CS42L73 low power PCM audio codec and CS35L0X ultra low-power Class-D amplifier that provide best-in-class integration and power consumption.

  • Low power consumption extends battery life
  • Superior audio performance
  • Small form factor
  • Low overall BOM cost
  • Seamless system integration

Audio Codec

Supported Products
  • CS42L73
    Low Power Mobile Stereo Codec
  • CS53L30
    Ultra Low Power, 4-Channel Microphone A/D Converter With TDM Interface

Audio Amplifier

Supported Products
  • CS35L00/01/03
    Low Power Class-D Audio Amplifiers
  • CS35L32
    5 V Boosted Class-D Amplifier With Integrated Dual LED Drivers

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