With a focus on lowering system power, improving battery life and reducing board space, Cirrus Logic provides innovative ICs for smartphones and mobile applications. These solutions include smart audio codecs that are designed to off-load audio tasks from the applications processor, thereby saving system power, as well as Class D amplifiers that drive superior audio performance to the external speakers in space-saving, cost effective form factors.

  • Low power consumption extends battery life
  • Small PCB footprint
  • Low overall BOM cost
  • Superior audio performance
  • Reduce design complexity

Audio Codec

Supported Products
  • CS42L73
    Low Power Mobile Stereo Codec
  • CS53L30
    Ultra Low Power, 4-Channel Microphone A/D Converter With TDM Interface
  • CS42L56
    Ultra Low Power, Stereo CODEC w/Class H Headphone Amp

Audio Amplifier

Supported Products
  • CS35L01/03
    Low Power Class-D Audio Amplifiers
  • CS35L32
    5 V Boosted Class-D Amplifier With Integrated Dual LED Drivers

Voice Processor

Supported Products
  • CS48LV12/13
    Ultra Low Power Voice Processors Featuring SoundClear® Technology

SoundClear® for mobile includes leading edge audio enhancement capabilities including:

  • ASSIST™ (Audio Scene Sensing and Intelligent Sound Tracking) noise elimination
  • InstantAdapt™ for changing noise environments
  • Dual microphone and single microphone solutions
  • High Definition (HD) wideband processing
  • True full duplex, echo free speakerphone operation
  • FlexEQ™ dynamic equalization for optimum intelligibility
  • Automatic volume and level control
  • Spectrally matched Tx and Rx comfort noise

Listen to this demo and hear how much better a smartphone can be:


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