Cirrus Logic’s reference design for soundbar applications has been instrumental in the rise of the soundbar market. With a full line of chipsets and complete software and development tools, Cirrus Logic’s chips reduce the complexity and space required for speaker systems, but above all they provide a turnkey solution to get into the market quickly with a cost-effective, ready-to-manufacture solution to help OEMs capture share immediately.

  • All design files – hardware, software, firmware, documentation
  • CRD-SB30Wx2 cost optimized for manufacturability
  • Customizable algorithms compiled, downloaded and optimized in real time

Audio DSP

Supported Products

Audio DAC

Supported Products
  • CS4353
    3.3 V Stereo Audio DAC


Supported Products
  • CS8416
    192 kHz Digital Audio Receiver

Class D Audio Amplifier

Supported Products
  • CS4525
    30 W Digital Audio Amplifier with Integrated ADC

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