Automotive Audio Distribution Amplifier

Cirrus Logic’s multichannel amplifier products feature a full variety of audio ICs to complete your design, including audio DSPs, multichannel audio codecs, receiver chips and sample rate converters. Cirrus Logic provides optimized IC combinations for either two in/four out, two in/eight out, four in/eight out configurations to meet a variety of design requirements.

  • High performance, low cost DSP
  • Comprehensive audio algorithms from third party and Cirrus Logic royalty free
  • DSP Composer™ — Easy to use graphical interface firmware programming
  • Complete solution — audio DSP and mixed-signal IC s; Variable audio performance selections


Supported Products
  • CS48560
    High-Performance, Low Cost 32-Bit Audio Processor

Audio Codec

Supported Products
  • CS4244
    4-in/4-out Audio Codec with PCM and TDM Interfaces
  • CS42448
    108 dB, 192 kHz 6-in, 8-out Multi-Channel Codec
  • CS42888
    108 dB, 192 kHz 4-in, 8-out Multi-Channel Codec

Audio Receiver and Sample Rate Converter

Supported Products
  • CS8422
    24-bit, 192 kHz, Asynchronous Stereo Sample-Rate Converter

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