Interactive Navigation System

Interactive Navigation Systems offer convenience and enhanced safety by responding to voice commands from the driver and providing audible turn by turn directions.

Accurate voice recognition is critical to the performance of these systems. A dedicated system outside of the Head Unit SOC is an effective way to ensure reliable voice recognition. Cirrus Logic offers a variety of MEMS microphones, ADCs, and DACs to enable high-performance interactive navigation systems.

Interactive Navigation System

  • High SNR and dynamic range
  • Compact packaging
ADCs and DACs
  • Advanced 24-bit architecture
  • 2-8 channel options
  • Up to 114dB dynamic range
  • Up to 192 kHz sample rate


Supported Products
  • CS5343
    98 dB, 96 kHz Stereo A/D Converters
  • CS5344
    98 dB, 96 kHz Stereo A/D Converters
  • CS5341
    105 dB, 192 kHz Stereo A/D Converters
  • CS5361
    114 dB, 192 kHz Stereo A/D Converter


Supported Products
  • CS4345
    10-pin, 24-bit, 192 kHz Stereo D/A Converters
  • CS4350
    192 kHz Stereo DAC with Integrated PLL

MEMS Microphones

Supported Products
  • WM7132PE
    Bottom Port Analog Silicon Microphone

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