Mid-Tier Smartphone

With a focus on lowering system power, improving battery life and reducing board space, Cirrus Logic provides innovative ICs for smartphones and mobile applications. These solutions include smart audio codecs that are designed to off-load audio tasks from the applications processor, thereby saving system power, as well as Class D amplifiers that drive superior audio performance to the external speakers in space-saving, cost effective form factors.

Mid-Tier Smartphone

Portable Codec
  • Integrated 3/7 channel 24 bit HiFi codec
    • 3 ADC, 96 dB SNR mic input
    • 7 DAC, 122 dB SNR HP playback
  • Speaker protection with external boosted amplifier
  • Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Smart accessory detect
  • Low power sleep mode
Boosted Amplifier
  • High efficiency Class-D architecture
    • 1.45 W into 8 ohms @ 1% THD+N
    • 25 µVrms ICN @ 18 dB gain
  • Integrated boost converter up to 5.4V
    • Two-level Class-G operation
    • Battery supply and boost supply monitoring
  • Integrated amplifier output monitoring
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short-circuit protection
MEMS Microphone
  • Analog and digital
  • Top and bottom ports
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR):
    • 63 dB [analog]
    • 63 dB [digital]
  • Acoustic overload point (AOP) @ 10% THD:
    • 124 dB SPL [analog]
    • 120 dB SPL [digital]
  • Sensitivity with ±1 dB tolerance:
    • -38 dBV/Pa [analog]
    • -26 dBFS/Pa [digital]

Portable Codecs

Supported Products
  • WM8998
    HD Audio Hub with Slimbus and 3 x I²S interfaces
  • WM1811
    Stereo Codec with 3 Digital Audio Interfaces
  • CS42L73
    Low Power Mobile Stereo Codec
  • CS47L15
    SmartHIFI Smart Codec With Advanced Audio Features for Handsets and Headsets

Boosted Amplifiers

Supported Products
  • CS35L32
    5 V Boosted Class-D Amplifier With Integrated Dual LED Drivers
  • CS35L33
    8 V Boosted Class-D Amplifier

MEMS Microphones

Supported Products
  • WM7121PE
    Top Port Analog Silicon Microphone
  • WM7132PE
    Bottom Port Analog Silicon Microphone
  • WM7331E
    Bottom Port Analog Silicon Microphone
  • WM7216E
    Low Power Top Port Digital Silicon Microphone
  • WM7236E
    Bottom Port Digital Silicon Microphone

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